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Itani WIN!

Oct 08, 2023 Lord~spidey link
Victory is mine; watch it and leak saltwater serco!
Oct 16, 2023 biretak link
IBG with a raven and neut 2? I like your interface. I could use something more like that.
Oct 24, 2023 Lord~spidey link
That one's called grey plastic, light screen is also very similar.

Afaik luxen included em in his skin plugin also linked in the various skin threads.
Oct 24, 2023 Luxen link

Reskin itself doesn't provide skins, it only makes switching between adapted ones easier.

That being said, all (to my knowledge) publicly available skins are on the wiki and have links to adapted editions of them. The adapted ones can still be installed like normal, but when using Reskin you just plop them down as if they were plugins, and they'll register into Reskin. Adapted skins will have all known images necessary for a skin, including on mobile - any files that were missing now provide the default-platinum skin file. Some files override others, though, so certain ones might not show up - I forget the details about that, but if anyone ever needs that info while making a new skin, just gimme a poke on discord.

I was using this tool to make the preview images. Its available, but pretty sure I only made it super fast, so it probably has quirks I don't care to fix right now.