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Help for the new players: VPRpedia pirate list

Nov 27, 2023 DeathSpores link
VPR pedia died a long time ago and it was a resource for new players to learn about infamous pîrates!
Let's make a list of pirates and categorize them!


A: Those who can usually ignore because they only kill NPCs
B: Those you should run from cause they are bad at chasing
C: Those you should kill because they cant catch you and cant kill you
D: Those you should pay or bribe
E: Collectors: get a screen shot cos they are very rarely on
Nov 28, 2023 HighTechRedneck link
on the topic of E, Is this more or less meant to be current or can there be some historical names included? I still have [BOAT]loads of screenies that include some pretty memorable names.
Nov 28, 2023 DeathSpores link
i'd say whatever floats yer boat jim lad.
Nov 28, 2023 greenwall link

Nov 29, 2023 HighTechRedneck link
^ can attest, the last time I had a combat related run in, you were still sporting your [PA] tag >;D
Nov 30, 2023 greenwall link
I'm still a member of PA.
Dec 02, 2023 mybeatsarebollox link
Would just like to add Evil the Rat to the C category.
Dec 08, 2023 Lord~spidey link
Hando Calrissian; look at him sideways and you're going to get a good bargain.