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Corvus Ball on 2024-04-29 @ 00:00:00 UTC

Apr 08, 2024 Knauf link
Get your dancing shoes on, we're having a ball!

Stage 1: For 40 minutes, the three nations will do battle against each other in a random roid filled sector (no storm at start) in Odia. Pilots may respawn as often they like. The nation with the most PKs wins stage 1.

Stage 2: Once 40 minutes are up, the nations will battle each other with no respawning. Last nation remaining wins stage 2.

Stage 3: The remaining pilots of the winning nation will battle each other to the death to decide who is the Regent of the Corvus Ball.


1) You may pilot any ship that Corvus currently SELLS (no manu allowed).

2) You may equip any item that Corvus currently SELLS (no manu, no drops).

3) Observers must be in a capital ship. Only observers are allowed in capital ships.

Prizes (what the event host is putting in the pot):

Stage 1 winners split: 10 million credits
Stage 2 winners split: 15 million credits
stage 3 winner gets: 5 million credits