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Capture the Flag Melee

Apr 21, 2024 Phaserlight link
Capture the Flag Melee is currently in hibernation.

Come fight in the Capture the Flag Melee, a contest of luck and skill taking place within the renowned asteroid sphere of Bractus P-1. Defeat other pilots in this PvP event, collecting the CtF Trophies they may (or may not) be carrying.

- Capture the Flag Melee is a PvP event consisting of two ten minute rounds inside a sphere of asteroids
- The first round is Light: fighters with small ports only must be used
- The second round is Heavy: fighters with at least one large port must be used
- All weaponry is permitted
- Before the start of the round, pilots are given 1 Capture the Flag trophy each; during the round you may attempt to steal these from each other
- You may enter the round late, and return if you are destroyed
- You must stay within the asteroid sphere
- You must cease fire when the time is up: you will win 1 million credits for each trophy you are carrying
- Trophies must be turned in at the end of the round


Pilot - Light Trophies - Heavy Trophies

storm_titty - 5 - 5
spidey - 2 - 3
Hawkfeather - 3 - 0
Marbas - 2 - 0
Coffee Bean - 0 - 1
Cosmic Noodle - 0 - 1