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TyCorp Squad

May 22, 2024 Phaserlight link
TyCorp Squad will begin on June 5th, at 2300 GMT (6 PM CST), and repeat weekly thereafter

- A band of pilots have fortified themselves around a derelict station against a horde of TyCorp Assaults
- The goal is to destroy all hostile TyCorps before the timer runs out
- Pilots must start within the tube, may use the tube entrance to repair, and must stay within 1km of the station
- If you leave the sector, you are eliminated
- If all hostiles are successfully destroyed within the time limit, all surviving pilots win 1 million credits and a place on the leaderboard
- All fighter class ships and weaponry are permitted, additional bonuses are available at higher leaderboard ranks


Pilot - Hordes Survived

Atrophenus - 3
spidey - 2
storm_titty - 2
Folitol Pletetia - 1
Harpo - 1
ScotiaKnight - 1