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A look behind the scenes...

Jul 19, 2017 joylessjoker link
Are you and luxen related?
Jul 20, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
Looks like it...
Jul 21, 2017 scared star link
ha 10/10
also whats with people and creepy mustaches eh? get a beard a goatee to start with? mine was a foot and a half long before i had to trim it two days ago before the picture i made lol.
Jul 21, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
It's called puberty,SS.
Jul 21, 2017 Dr. Lecter link
What's shown above is having some dirt on your upper lip, not puberty.
Jul 23, 2017 genka link
Hey guys, since Mi5 can't find any real pictures of himself, check out this sweet picture I took in Devil's Lake State Park
Jul 23, 2017 Niki link
Kind of forgot to send it to you earlier in-game, genka. Here it is anyway:

[syn]n00b in his full teenage glory

Jul 23, 2017 genka link
Excellent, thank you Niki!
Jul 29, 2017 joylessjoker link
Jul 29, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
Y'know,I asked myself that SAME question
Jul 30, 2017 joylessjoker link
You might think being mysterious and hiding your face is cool but it just screams insecurity and low self esteem over the look of your face. It REALLY screams that you're overcompensating for something, all of that effort you put in to distract us from the fact that you're hiding your face.

Either don't post anything at all (nobody cares what you actually look like), or be normal and casual about it.
Jul 30, 2017 Mr.Kruger link
Why so many so many small mustaches, looking at them makes me nervous.
Jul 30, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
Hey,Joyless,Not all of us have self insecurity,I'm just fucking with the forum trolls such as yours truly. In fact,I just posted that for the fun of it. Where's you're 'Face-Reveal' Mr.LULUHAVAPPEARNCISSUES
Jul 31, 2017 joylessjoker link
"oh I was just fucking around with you." One of the most famous excuses. You can drop the act, it's not very convincing. You ARE insecure. Don't worry though, I don't really care what you look like.
Jul 31, 2017 Pizzasgood link
When one messes with people, one does not inform them of that fact. Doing so defeats the purpose. Clearly you're just making excuses, though I don't blame you. I would be just as ashamed to show my face as you are if I didn't have a shark to surf.
Jul 31, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
When joyless does a face reveal, I'll do one. simple.unless I get bored and do a facecam in a video or some shit. In all reality I posted for shits and giggles. And to be fair,Many MANY youtubers have never done a face reveal. Look at A chap called H20Delirious; He's fuckin famous.
Jul 31, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
Y'know what,Fuck it. I'll just delete my beautiful hat so joyless'sOCD can calm down. oh SHIT RED CAR QUICK ADJUST
Jul 31, 2017 joylessjoker link
Here we go, more posturing and deflecting. I get it, you're 16 year old something and got too excited. Maybe cut down on that excessive sugar and caffeine intake.
Jul 31, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
Yea I lied. I'm in the middle of an ongoing CPS case for the past four years and have been on the run for 2. That's why I had so much time for VO. And I'm actually 14,get it right,Joyless. I didn't want to tell anyone because I feared they'd all turn and my time in VO'd be worthless. I spent 24-7-365 on this game,I wasn't about to blow it all away. I hope your happy you got what you wanted,Joyless. Who I said I was In-game was(obviously)a lie. I had to think of something,And CDL is what I plan on doing. I'm a piece of shit living in a state owned group home. am I proud? Fuck no. You want a face reveal? Sure. Have it. In1 hour.
Jul 31, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
I made my persona up because I feared that the police were somehow monitoring my device. I was gone that 7 months because just 1 hour after logging off of VO December 2'nd,I was found by at least 12 cop cars, 1 FBI investigator,I hadmy phone taken and no access to the internet for the next months.
Now,believe me when I say VO was my life. This game got me through a tremendous amount of hard times. I had all the time in the world for VO then. Still do. Only I now have many troubles to deal with. I'm separated from ALL my family,Then,I had them,And I had an 'ok'-trauma-filled life. I didn't want to tell this just yet,But you ended up making me just say fuck it. I hope your happy. Fuck the united States government,Fuck Arizona,. At least Trump loves you. He loves us all.