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Elite Dangerous Thread

Sep 09, 2017 aaronund link
What do you do?
What do you fly?
Insert an angry comparison to VO
Tell an interesting story.
Oct 05, 2017 xperia link
I'm a Federal
I fly a Core Dynamics Federal Assault Ship, Zorgon Peterson Fer-De-Lance, Falcon DeLacy Anaconda and a Lakon Diamondback Explorer.
Elite has more depth but VO is still good
Once Harry Potter tried to kill me but a random Federal commander jumped in and saved my Eagle, so I decided to be a fed.
Oct 05, 2017 joylessjoker link
why not fly a vulture, xperia?
Oct 05, 2017 xperia link
I had a vulture at one point joyless but I sold it to buy a Dropship, I'll probably rebuy one when I can buy Pacifiers.
Dec 25, 2017 scared star link
imperial. (hey slave trade is good ok don't judge let the dutch man live his history again lol)

mainly a type 6 hauler to farm cash until I get something good.

there is a lot of stuff in ED than vo, but VO is a one in a kind for me when It comes with its players.

I was once interdected from a NPC pirate called "mr.bear", almost got pulled out but managed to do it, then with my crap laptop I waited 7mins just to safely drop out at a station. was fun, made noodles. got pulled out again while I was afk and died lost a crap ton of cargo and failed two missions at once losing around 800kcr.
Dec 27, 2017 yodaofborg link


I fly an Asp Explorer mainly, sometimes I pull out a Vulture but it is rare. I use it to kill people who think having an Anaconda is going to save them. What can I say? People see me pull them out of SC and laugh when they target me, they aint laughing for long when their power generator goes critical. :p

The only similarity it has with VO is it is based in space. But saying that if VO had even half the depth of E:D I'd probably never play another space game again. I have to mix the two to keep sane, some things E:D has are seriously lacking - like combat in general, where as the VO universe is tiny in comparison and once you get into the combat you realise it really is the only thing is has going for it.
Dec 27, 2017 scared star link
@Yodaofborg, what guns does your Asp explorer have? I sometimes use it to bounty hunt when I get bored. also how is being a pirate? or is "YARR!" the answer to no power play? but if its being a pirate how does that go?
Dec 27, 2017 joylessjoker link
some things E:D has are seriously lacking - like combat in general


Have you tried the Arena, yoda?
Dec 29, 2017 yodaofborg link
Yes I have tried the Arena and although combat in E:D can be quite fun, I guess it is just not "twitchy" enough for me, and it really does boil down to "who has the better guns/ships wins". Do not get me wrong, I am not saying combat in E:D totally sucks, but it is one area that VO does have it better (The only area). I usually can be found in and around Maia, so I don't usually have to jump into the Arena for a fight, plenty there looking for some.

Combat login is the other main problem E:D has. Want to be left alone? Go to solo play, do not go online and then pull your network cable when anyone comes near you, this just plain sucks and needs fixing! (Ok, rant over, wrong forum heh)


SS, being a pirate is more fun than - I usually fly it with 2x medium fixed beams lasers and 4x small fixed multi cannons (sometimes railguns, but I always feel lucky when I score a hit with those), all engineered up! You would be surprised at how much people tend to put into their ships armour, and neglect module reinforcements. Once the sheilds drop, concentrate all fire on or near the power plant, and 5/10 times even Anacondas pop. (The other 5 times I die, but my insurance is only 1.5mill, usually a lot less than the repair bill for a shot up 'conda)
Dec 29, 2017 Phaserlight link
it is one area that VO does have it better (The only area).

I've never played Elite:Dangerous, but what about station-side inventory? The ability to build capital ships? Multi-crew ships? Effective blockades (non-instancing)? Keeping inventory at more than one location?

There's a pretty extensive list, from what I've gleaned. However, I will say E:D's graphics and sfx are better from what I've seen.

VO is also cross-platform between mobile, PC, and VR, so there is that. I understand we're on VO's message board and you're trying to be fair to E:D, everyone plays for different reasons, but really? The only thing VO has going for it is combat? I disagree.

People who have played quite a lot of space games hold Vendetta in pretty high regard. I am obviously also biased so I won't get involved too much in this conversation, I just wanted to address your point w.r.t. combat.
Dec 29, 2017 Luxen link
I havent spent enough time in E:D to really judge it, but i'm having difficulty with controls - i'm so overly used to my VO controls and its physics that its throwing me off. not to mention the cockpit makes me claustrophobic. Any tips regarding these two things?
Dec 29, 2017 yodaofborg link
Well if you have never played I guess you will not know the following:

You can keep a big assed ship with inventory in it at many stations, sure this is not perfect, but just like in VO most inventory items are useless unless you want them for something specific, like engineering weapons. So yes, keeping inventory is possible, even if a bit harder than it should be in E:D. Okay, so I take it back a bit, VO can also do better inventory management :P

You do not build capships, but you can buy ships which could be considered 'cap ships' in comparison to VO. You can even launch NPC fighters from some ships, or have a friend fly along and use him for help when possible. I do not get where you think E:D is lacking in the multi-pilot area, because you can buy ships where a co-pilot can man turreted guns, and certain defence modules. Honestly, in this regard, E:D beats VO hands down.

You are right about the cross-platform thing - even though all players in the E:D universe effect the main universe regardless of platform they are on, a PC player can never fight an Xbox user. - but I didn't say combat is the only thing VO has going for it, I said combat is the only place VO has E:D beat, and it is hands down beat too.
Dec 29, 2017 Phaserlight link
Cool. I've just seen someone with quite a bit of space gaming experience (Brian Rubin @ SpaceGameJunkie - linked to above) state that they prefer E:D's flight model to VO's, but prefer VO's economic / trading implementation to E:D (as well as just about everything else, aside from graphics). Pretty much the exact inversion of your opinion, which is why I was curious.
Dec 29, 2017 yodaofborg link
That could be true, in E:D or VO I see trade and commerce related activities as part of the necessary grind and in both situations I do not see them as more than this. Once I have a character with credits and the means to buy things in general I no longer take part in these activities.

The flight and mass calculations are more on point in E:D, but this is what makes combat a bit more clumsy, that along with insta-hit lasers that cannot be out-flown is what makes VO a better PvP choice. It is why I still play both games, after all I was an Elite fan a long time before VO even existed, and wanting a multiplayer elite style game is what brought me here in the first place.
Dec 29, 2017 scared star link
@yoda, ok maybe last question I will harasses you with. how is the piracy in ED? I hear its not always the best law enforcement can come anywhere wise. I hardly doubt a type 6-7(maybe that new 10) would come out of hyper cruise in an anarchy system to chill a bit and not a combat hardened and ready ship.(unless there are some good YouTube videos you can suggest)
Dec 30, 2017 yodaofborg link
It is hard, very hard to target a specific player or even group of players; a lot of it is random chance (instancing and combat login can make it really damned frustrating). There are actually a few known choke points, like the areas surrounding thargoid crash sites, where people will gather to find sensor fragments and the likes - these are the areas I usually go for - as most of them are low security, or even no security which gives me just enough time to ruff up a few before the cops show!

Compared to VO piracy is hard, but after you have done just about everything else? What is left to do? :)
Dec 30, 2017 Inevitable link
Piracy is pretty easy. Just go to the community goal. Targeting a specific player is hard because the universe is so huge, they can play in solo or group mode, and if they add you to ignore you will not be instanced with them. However, there are plenty of people in open mode near community goals.
Jan 26, 2018 xperia link
There is always some cocky imp trying to pirate Corvettes and Condas at the CG with a D rated clipper. Piracy isn't really valid with the grinding situation and it normally backfires.
Jan 26, 2018 xperia link
Funny. I have never lost a fight in my Anaconda. Even to Cutters Corvettes and FDLs. I'll admit I did take advantage of the abiltiy to launch a rabid F63 Condor but the Anaconda can turn pretty well full FA off. That said I wpuld rather use my Assault ship or Fer De Lance in Pvp just because you can chase runners after their gank buddy Combat Logs.
Jan 30, 2018 Whistler link
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