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Sep 20, 2017 GamingFOReel link
I've been contemplating a story to write for vendetta. Mainly a fanfiction. And I'm gonna start it and will notify when it's done. S.o for the next day I will be thinking of the plot so if you would like your character to be a certain way tell me please. The main character will be a random so I'm not the main although I will be in it. And those with youtube channels might be affected ably them. Not as pop idols or something like that but as in "teachers" or people who offer guidance. So if you would not want to be in it please say so. Or like I said earlier tell me you don't wanna be in it.

Probable plots:

1. Something of the war between guilds.
2. Something about the leviathain.
3. Finishing up (kinda) the already made story
Sep 20, 2017 clankplusm link
Oct 03, 2017 A-Dawg link
Go for it. People used to write Vendetta fan fiction all the time in the roleplaying forum, before everything became so... confrontational. If writing is your thing, and it makes you happy to flesh out you and your friends' characters in this universe, you should do so!
Oct 04, 2017 Pizzasgood link
VO fan fiction was actually what first made me realize that creative writing is something I enjoy. But then I discovered superhero fiction and got sidetracked into writing that instead of VO fics. One of these days I need to set aside an afternoon and at least finish up a short story about Rin's uncle that I started years ago. I should polish up the first chapter of Crusade and post that too. I'll probably never get around to continuing that story, but the first chapter works just fine as a standalone short.