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Apr 20, 2006 Person link
I take it you didn't take a foreign language in school ray? Because most languages other than English do it that way...
Apr 22, 2006 Touriaus link
VO crashes when i try to use any skins, it crashes before it loads (the texture loading screen before the log in screen).

I've tried:

downloading the skin folder to the directory,and using skin=skin/, skin=SkinName/, skin=skin/SkinName/. is the config. file.


downloading the player created skin into the skin folder and vice versa. it still crashes.

I recieved alot of help no one seems to know what the problem is.
Apr 22, 2006 Snax_28 link
You try re-installing VO?
Apr 23, 2006 RelayeR link
I think it's fixed. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mecha.

Windows users: I guess you use \ and not /? I'm not sure if that was Mecha's problem. Also, some unzippers put the contents of a zipped file inside a folder called "contents" which is inside a second folder with the skin name on it. Move the contents of "contents" to the folder with the skin name and delete the "contents" folder. Then, place the new skin folder in the Vendetta package.

Also, do not put the new skin into the folder called "skin" unless you want to lose the original skin or you have backed it up somewhere. Give your new skin a descriptive folder name and just change the config.ini line under [Vendetta] to skin=[new folder name]/ (or \ for windows?), (without brackets).
Apr 23, 2006 terribleCabbage link
Is it just me, or does hud_arrow.png (the indicator pointing to an offscreen target) clip when resized to 32x32? It sort of, uh, chops off the bottom-right-hand half of the picture. See Luis' skin for an example.

(I'll post my own (based off Luis') when I get home.)
Apr 23, 2006 Touriaus link
Yes it was the subfolder that was causing the problem. Spuck was right about the unzip path. And ofcourse me and five other people worked on it for an hour and ed helps me fix it in ten ^^;
Apr 24, 2006 CrippledPidgeon link
I take it you didn't take a foreign language in school ray? Because most languages other than English do it that way...

Japanese doesn't do it that way. They go adj + noun. Are you sure you don't mean "most European languages," or "all latin based languages?" (which English isn't. How does German handle adjectives and nouns?)

But I digress.

As I said before, the powerbars are stretched vertically, which makes skinning them a bit frustrating.
Apr 24, 2006 raybondo link
I wasn't thinking foreign language, I was thinking literally changing the words and that's all.
Some of the images are not sized 1-to-1 pixel to texel.

I don't know about the clipping problem with the arrow. It may be due to the image being rescaled and no mipmap applied? Does it still clip when in a much higher screen res?
Apr 25, 2006 terribleCabbage link
Raybondo: I can't, sorry, my machine can't handle anything more than 800x600. If anyone else wants to test, though, try Luis' skin and see if you get more than a tiny sliver of a circle next to the arrow.
Apr 25, 2006 raybondo link
Ohh, I looked at it and now understand exactly what's going on.
Only the upper left half of hud_triangle.png is used. Think of it as a triangle that is made from the upper left corner, the upper right corner and the lower left corner.
I'll fix the client so it uses the whole image instead of just the upper left half.
May 08, 2006 mdaniel link
cool ray, I had run into this one at the beginning but had figured it out quickly. :)
May 28, 2006 netherby link
Is it possible to add alpha channels to images that don't have them?

For example the hud_radar doesn't have an alpha channel, yet has some transparency in the game.. Can this be changed by editing the image, or is the transparency applied in engine?
Jun 19, 2006 thurisaz link
..whats happening with the unskinnable chatbox?? I've been having issues with an overly opaque box under the chat text in the station interface, so I started deleting elements one-at-a-time to isolate the problem..

I ended up deleting *everything* in my skins/ directory and am left with a white screen at stations, **except** for a blue box around the chat area... is this a bug?
Jun 20, 2006 RelayeR link
Got a screenshot?
Jun 21, 2006 MSKanaka link
He's talking about the blue background in the chat area while in-station. It's been un-skinnable for ages, and it's quite annoying--its blue color often doesn't go well with the rest of the skin. For example, the GreenGlass and GlassAdvantage skins would look better with a black (or totally absent) box there. One skin I use would look better with black, absent, or a very dark turquoise.
Jun 21, 2006 thurisaz link
yes Miharu, exactly that... can we get a definative response on when the situation might change??
Jun 21, 2006 Ofidian link
I think that it might be helpful for the Wiki to feature not only various skins, which is nice, but detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to install them on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. I have found a skin that I like (RealHUD it is called), but the instructions listed here are incomprehensible to me. I have Mac OS X 10.3.9.
Jun 21, 2006 slime73 link
Find your Vendetta application, right-click (or control-click) on it and click Show Package Contents. Move RealHUD into the Vendetta application, open config.ini with TextEdit, scroll down to the [Vendetta] section, and add the line: skin=RealHUD/ at the bottom of the section (don't forget to include the /!).
Jul 01, 2006 raybondo link
New file for the pda/new station interface.
you'll have to figure out where the images go for now because I am tired.
Jul 02, 2006 moldyman link
So who wants to tell us lazy people what to do? Or should I go bug Priapus >_>