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Apr 09, 2006 Gavan link
lol, yeah... Illustator kicks ass....

My next problem is:

I'm having a tough time discerning where and what all the little bits do.

If you get a chance Ray, could you maybe throw together a couple quick little diagrams?
Apr 09, 2006 mdaniel link
Devs, some way of putting together an interface eh guys? I am the last 8 hours on this... figuring out the bits and pieces, analyzing all the elements you guys used. :)

I have a HUD done now and the rest of the interface is in progress. This is soooo messy. So many different graphic items. Anyway, I am having fun.

Download here:

Before you install it you can see what it will look like:

Tested on all resolutions and scales perfectly, I use it on 1440x900

M. Duncan
Apr 09, 2006 Gavan link
Yeah cmon guys! A new UI for the skins! We know you got it in you! I mean, what's another one? You must be in the groove!

Suuure, it might set back things a bit! But hey! It's eye candy!!
Apr 09, 2006 ghostieboy link
Would Graphic Convertor for OSX be okay?...
Apr 09, 2006 Shapenaji link
if you've got OS X, just Fink a copy of GIMP
Apr 09, 2006 Person link
I'm working as fast and furiously as I can on a Serco skin, the default UI is just plain to blue for any devoted member of the Serco nation!

Apr 09, 2006 nioubi link
Not sure anyone will want to adopt this funky one ^_^
ask me if you want the zip :P
Apr 09, 2006 Gavan link
Hahaha Nioubi, that is awesome.

You should hook up the zip! Even if you don't think anyone will want it (which I think someone will). They're good learning opportunities. For instance, Duncan pulled off something I was dumbfounded by all night. So I'm tearing his to pieces trying to figure it out! jk.
Apr 09, 2006 raybondo link
Hahahahaha, that's... um... very flowery.

I'll make a diagram that explains where everything goes. I think you'll understand the naming a little more once you know what they're used for.

Feel free to ask more questions. I may not answer them immediately, but I'll try to answer them.
Apr 09, 2006 Gavan link
There seems to be a problem with some aspects of this process on my monitor. I'm running a Viewsonic 19" 16:10 ratio (1440x900 native). The top chat display bar, between the Mission/General Tabs and the scrollbar doesn't display properly.

I thought it was just something I was doing wrong because Duncan said he had it working at that resolution, but I downloaded his skin and the same problem was there.

I'll post screenies once I get mine done.
Apr 09, 2006 mdaniel link
haha nioubi, fun stuff!
Apr 09, 2006 mdaniel link
gavan, yeah you are right. Devs, could you answer that one? there is one piece that never works right as gavan indicated.

M. Duncan
Apr 09, 2006 Reno Targett link
Just created mine, hmm, not so creative than Nioubi´s one, but...
Apr 09, 2006 yodaofborg link
I thought i'd give it a bash too, mines not finished yet, still have some small things that i just cant get looking right, so i left em as default for now, but heres a screeny of my w.i.p. skin!


niobi, heh, yours actually looks ok, for a girly one, heh, nice.
Apr 09, 2006 mr_spuck link
You know what would do well with nioubi skin?
Zee flower gun!

(too bad it doesn't work anymore :P)
Apr 09, 2006 nioubi link
oooooh I definetly want one ^_^
Apr 09, 2006 slime73 link
Reno Targett, can I have your skin please? :p
Apr 09, 2006 Ion link
I'll take one of Renos, one of niobis, and one of yodas as well... Wonderful work!

Hmm, devs, perhaps an skin downloads section on this site? Or perhaps that's what the wiki is for...
Apr 09, 2006 Shapenaji link
Apr 09, 2006 stranger link
I agree with Ion that we need to setup a page on the wiki for skins. It would be a lot easier for other players to upload and share their creations.