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Jul 02, 2006 thurisaz link
hmm.. all I noticed were *_tab_spacer files and some pda_sub_sub and pda_sub_sub_sub stuff... all I did with my skin was unzip ray's new, copy my skin over it, and isolate and fix each element that didn't look right
Aug 19, 2006 Snax_28 link
Ok, gonna try and get this thread going again instead of the others.

New HUD rocks, but! I'm curious. I'm having a problem with my energy/power bars being cropped.

This leads into my next problem: I am trying to make my battery bar indicate the 25% area clearly, but! if I do 25% of 128, it comes up short. Is there some specific formula required?
Aug 19, 2006 Reno Targett link
If you look at the image, thereīs a small space (donīt know itīs size in pixels) that are not used, in the bottom of the image, I think, it starts counting from that space, so, itīs not 128 pixels for a full charge
Aug 19, 2006 Reno Targett link
the only way I got it to work was to export the images from photoshop using tiff file format and them importing it in Fireworks and resaving as "fireworks PNG"

the fireworks trial can be downloaded freely and tried for 30 days

by the way, you can use higher resolution images for your skin, as far as you keed the original image proportions
Aug 19, 2006 tumblemonster link
Could someone explain to me how to make the alpha channel work properly from Photoshop? When I open the files in photoshop, they are 3 channel RBG with no alpha, and it appears the black space is tranparent in VO, but when I resave them, my black space is just black. Saving with an alpha channel and transparency doesn't work either. What are the required settings/setup for saving out a correct file from photoshop?

Aug 19, 2006 Snax_28 link
Photoshop is problematic because of the premultiplication needed for the engine to read the alpha (meaning that it needs to have rgb values of black: 0, 0, 0 for fully transparent), and the fact that Photoshop stubbornly assigns rgb values of white (255, 255, 255) to fully transparent regions, regardless of their original colour.

I haven't really heard if this is a problem other people are having or not, but it seems to be the case on my side.

And png's don't support alpha channels per say. They do support alpha, so you can use your alpha channel to select a region to be deleted (command click the alpha channel).
Sep 12, 2006 jexkerome link
The batt and speed bars have four pixels at the top and bottom; the distance bar has five pixels on each side.
Sep 13, 2006 RelayeR link
Jex, I discovered why you had the darker boxes surrounding your buttons/tabs. Those files were converted a second time, either by spuck's or Ray's converter.
Sep 16, 2006 TheVoiceOfRa link
Skins still look messed up:
and yes, my config file is correct; the last line in the [vendetta] section:
Folder with that same name is contained inside my (OS X 10.4.7)
I even tried providing the absolute path only to have the same results.
Guess I'll stick with the defaults.
Any mac users care to show me that custom skins DO work?
Sep 19, 2006 jexkerome link
Your problem is that that particular skin hasn't been updated to the latest version.
Sep 19, 2006 RelayeR link
The files that are missing or, not working are tab_button_selected/unselected/mouseover.

You can pull them off of Ray's skin.
Sep 19, 2006 TheVoiceOfRa link
thanks RelayeR and jexkerome.
I'm sure those pointers were probably in one of these threads, but my eyes were starting to bug.
I'll try it when I get home tonight.
Sep 20, 2006 TheVoiceOfRa link
Wish I could say it worked, even by using the 'skin' skin of Ray's and copying the new files over.
Sep 21, 2006 RelayeR link
Those 3 files are not like the normal button files. The "buttons" are offset 3 pixels from the upper-left corner, vertically and horizontally.
Oct 22, 2006 slime73 link
I would love to have the cursor skinnable.
Feb 18, 2007 ArAel link
ok i/m guessing someone most likely has asked. here i sit running osx up to date and every time i try to use a skin i get incredible white spaces bot in station and in the hud. what is there that i can do??:
Feb 18, 2007 mr_spuck link
is everything white or just parts of it?
Feb 18, 2007 slime73 link
The skins most likely weren't updated for the new version.
Feb 18, 2007 ArAel link
just parts. the chat log, side bars, and center reticle
Feb 20, 2007 RelayeR link
Where did you get the skin you are using and, did you append your config.ini file, under "Vendetta", with skin=*(folder name of skin + path if any)/ (\ for wondows) ??

*Do NOT use () in the file or path name