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Jul 26, 2008 blacknet link

the new version of trade assistant
Sep 22, 2008 slime73 link
[Unreal Tournament Announcements]

Plays "Double Kill", "Multi Kill", "Killing Spree" etc. sounds when appropriate.
6 authentic Unreal Tournament series voice packs to choose from!

/UTSounds opens a dialog where you can configure the voice, time before kill resets, and more.
Sep 25, 2008 iry link
AutoJett GUI

A GUI version of AutoJett allows more control over which ores are kept.

/autojett - Opens the GUI

/autojett help - Opens the help window


Allows you to change your currently loaded skin without manually editing the config.ini file.

/skin help - Displays help commands

/skin load 'skinname' - Changes the skin line of your config.ini to 'skinname'

You must have the skin in your Vendetta directory and skin name is the name of the folder which in which your skin is contained.

/lua ReloadInterface() - Reloads the VO interface allowing changes to take effect
Oct 19, 2008 slime73 link
Table Viewer
A simple interface for viewing tables. Open the dialog with "/table".
Oct 26, 2008 Scottso link
I just put up a new version of Trade Assistant to save data locally without need for the external java app if anyone is interested. See the TA thread:
Nov 28, 2008 yevoc link
Plugin to reply to last private message sent to you by pressing a single button, typing your message, and hitting enter...

Be sure to make an alias using "prompt /replytarget" as in the readme.
Nov 29, 2008 ArAel link
ummm yevoc just open chat and hit tab...
Jan 28, 2009 <CardinaL> link
I'm looking for the DistanceMeter plugin, but seems the link to it is dead. Any chance of a reup?

May 14, 2009 ladron link
The link to the cargofind plug-in is dead, could someone please re-upload to a different location?
May 29, 2009 kihjin link
QuickPlot appears to be broken in latest version of VO

$ md5sum plugins/QuickJump/main.lua
c47e7bd9893886e151ecf623c305ed2b plugins/QuickJump/main.lua

plugins/QuickJump/main.lua:15: bad argument #1 to 'concat' (table expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'concat'
plugins/QuickJump/main.lua:15: in function '?'
vo/vo_cmds.lua:12: in function 'func'
vo/vo_event.lua:63: in function <vo/vo_event.lua:61>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'
vo/vo_event.lua:87: in function '_do_event'
vo/vo_event.lua:107: in function <vo/vo_event.lua:103>
[C]: in function 'GKProcessCommand'
vo/vo_console.lua:100: in function <vo/vo_console.lua:62>
(tail call): ?
May 31, 2009 maq link
It seems like you just did /Jump
you need to specify at least sector,
this plugin doesn't check for not getting any arguments.
Jun 01, 2009 kihjin link
Ah, that explains the error. Yes I was doing /jump but that was only after I couldn't get /jump a1 or /jump a-1 or /jump A-1 or /jump A1 to work. I thought maybe it would only work if I was 3000m out, so I made sure that I was out that far.

It continually prints the following when I try to jump to a sector like A1 or K8:

Your Nav Computer cannot process that sector. Check for spelling errors.
Jun 02, 2009 kihjin link
I'm still playing around a bit with the Lua in QuickPlot, but it really doesn't like the fact that I am in Geira Rutilus. I can plot a course to, Sedina H-9 just fine. Pyronis A-1, no problem.

But if I do /jump a1 in Geira, it doesn't quite work. I wonder if this is a whitespace issue...

Going to keep playing with it.
Jun 02, 2009 kihjin link
Check this out

Here's my Lua code...

function QuickJump(sector)
print("User entered '"..sector.."'")
print("Sector id ="..GetCurrentSectorid())
print("System id ="..GetCurrentSystemid())
print("System name ="..SystemNames[GetCurrentSystemid()])
print("Sedina H-9 ="..SectorIDFromLocationStr("Sedina H-9"))
print("Pyronis A-1 ="..SectorIDFromLocationStr("Pyronis A-1"))
print("Geira Rutilus A-1 ="..(SectorIDFromLocationStr("Geira Rutilus A-1") or "nil"))
print("Geira Rutilus, A-1 ="..(SectorIDFromLocationStr("Geira Rutilus, A-1") or "nil"))
print("Geira Rutilus System, A-1 ="..(SectorIDFromLocationStr("Geira Rutilus System, A-1") or "nil"))
print("Geira Rutilus System, Sector A-1 ="..(SectorIDFromLocationStr("Geira Rutilus System, Sector A-1") or "nil"))
print("LocationStr from Sector Id ="..LocationStr(GetCurrentSectorid()))
print("Sector Id From LocationStr from Sector id ="..(SectorIDFromLocationStr(LocationStr(GetCurrentSectorid())) or "nil"))

local sectorid = SectorIDFromLocationStr(sector) or SectorIDFromLocationStr(SystemNames[GetCurrentSystemid()].." "..sector)
Jun 02, 2009 maq link
SectorIDFromLocationStr has a bug (or feature?) in that you need to give it only the first word of two word system names,
so SectorIDFromLocationStr('Geira A-1') would work.

[edit] added that comment to the wiki too
Nov 20, 2009 demolishun link
Update dullbot. Specifically boilbot (mining bot).
Added these features:
1. Temperature control instead of time out for mining a roid.
2. Damage control so the bot will stop mining if damage to ship goes below setting.
3. Jettison control so plugins like 'autojett' can be used to control the ore kept or discarded.
4. All settings can be changed while bot is running via arguments or in the config.ini file (after the first run of the bot).

1. Modify navigation code to be aware of temperature and to not approach 'hot' roids unless in a 'identify roids' mode.
2. Code to only mine roids with certain ores in it.
3. Full integration of all scripts in this package for a: launch, navigate, mine, navigate, sell, repeat mode.

There is probably a lot more things to do on this, but this is to get people playing with it.

What can you do with it?
1. Mine an entire sector to raise mining stats.
2. Mine for specific ores by turning off boilbot jetting of ores and using 'autojet' plugin to select disired ores.
3. Map an entire sector when used in combination with 'targetless' plugin.

1. Roids will be missed if they are geographically close enough to see on radar. If it misses roids move ship close to missed roids and run again.
2. There are certain problems if you go to a menu or change to 3rd person view. Try to not mess with the interface too much while it is running to prevent it from getting confused.
4. The only server I could get running was on Linux. I cannot help you if you have issues in another OS. RTFM in advance. :)

Have fun and ask me if you have questions.

Oh, and I run Linux so I don't really worry about Windows or Mac based viruses. RUN A VIRUS CHECKER as I cannot vouch for it being free as I have no way to test it. However, the only changes from the original plugin are script changes so you should be fine, but still...

Here is the link:
Nov 23, 2009 mr_spuck link
badass .. IIRC somebody asked for temperature control a while back but I couldn't be arsed yet...

The lua server is broken IIRC. Not sure if it's really worth keeping around anyway. Its support libraries are huge and cause portability issues. It doesn't really do anything else than the java version anyway except that it's a bit more stand aloneish.

Might be a good idea to clean up the package dir a bit before uploading. That screenshot in there adds a lot to the size.
Dec 08, 2009 plozi link
How do you debug your code? It takes to long to restart the game after a code change.
Is there a way to reload a plugin while in game?
Dec 08, 2009 genka link
/lua ReloadInterface()
if you're in the console
Mar 29, 2010 r00key link
I get the following error trying to use boilbot (running jrobotserver):