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Oct 21, 2007 blacknet link
this is a baseline plugin that will eventually grow into something more, much more.

groupstats plugin
by Drazed and Moda Messolus.

broadcast in a group when you die, tells who killed you. a simple /groupstat
will show you the matrix(chart) of everything, you can sort by who died,
who killed who and how many times. sort is ascending and descending.

uses disable/enable features you can disable the plugin when not in use
clear switch purges all data from the matrix.

3 parts
1) player_dies sends info on group chat.
2) group chat parses info into table/matrix
3) matrix display/sort/clear/disable/enable

i heavily commented this code so please use it, modify it and share

I tried to make it simple and easy to use. The basic format is this, when a group member dies they will broadcast in group chat who killed them, everyone with the plugin will parse that into the matrix which allows the user to view and sort.

Oct 21, 2007 FatStrat85 link
Very, very awesome. It's about time. This has so much potential. This could really improve and change a lot of aspects of the game.
Oct 22, 2007 Lord~spidey link
Oct 22, 2007 ArAel link
Very nice. I must admit I'm wondering if this could work for guild stat for cases of a guild war?
Oct 22, 2007 blacknet link
yes it could.

Currently I have it set to do group chat but it could easily do guild chat, sector chat, system chat, channel chat or private msg.

You could change it to have every member report kills and not being killed. Another possibility is you could send messages to an irc bot which would tally and post the results on a website. Could even integrate this into vokb if someone would be kind enough to take over the project and keep it going.

Possibilities are endless and this is just the first draft, proof of concept if you will.

Oct 22, 2007 ArAel link
Thank you for the reply and i look forward to this being a bigger thing and i ask about guild wise and i wonder can it be made to show only pvp kills not bots. essentially i'm thinking of using this to help prioritize targets in a guild war
Oct 22, 2007 blacknet link
real players vs bots are would be super easy, that's a one liner. The bigger picture to work around is cheat prevention. If you do open up tagging kills then what is to stop someone from false reporting kills, nothing.

Oct 22, 2007 ArAel link
true true but what would the point be in reporting false ones. other than to make people chase someone in particular
Nov 08, 2007 blacknet link
OK I am releasing 0.4 of groupstat. This update now uses the new format from the server. commands are the same except it no longer broadcast info over groupchat. It also has a counter.

It also shows who killed who, say Group member A kills player T, it will log that kill.

Nov 08, 2007 ArAel link
heh wondered why he wanted a fight
Nov 09, 2007 blacknet link
It seems that I was to hasty in posting this yesterday. I have made some corrections and bug fixes. Sorry about that.

Nov 09, 2007 FatStrat85 link
Very nice, Moda. This is such a cool plugin. It is especially cool now that it doesn't depend on everyone in the group having the plugin (thanks devs!). I know we discussed some of these ideas yesterday, but I will repeat them here to remind you and get feedback from everyone else.

Group Death Counter - Count's the total number of deaths for your group.

Group Score Counter - Number that increases when someone in your group makes a kill, but decreases when someone in your group is killed or issues (make sure it allows negative numbers).

"Trip" Counters - Second set of group kill, death, and score counters that reset when you press clear, as opposed to the normal set of counters which would not. This won't be as relevant once we have server tracking (because the main counters would be the same for everyone on the team at all times) but it still might come in handy.

Alternate View - This would be an alternate view (maybe a tab) that only lists each member of the group once. Next to that member's name would be their total number of kills, deaths, and their score. This would be a better view for large group battles, when you don't really care who specifically killed who. There should be a shortcut to get here quickly, like /groupstat2 or something. Maybe double-clicking on a member's name in this view would bring up a page that shows who they killed and who killed them , like in the current view, but only for that one member you clicked on.

Groupstat Toggle - I bind /groupstat to a key, shift-\, better known as |. When I press that key, the groupstat window is conveniently displayed. However, if I press it again (while the window is open), nothing happens. I have to press escape to close it. Every other window in VO (k, u, m, etc...) toggles so you can hit the same key to open and close the window. This is more convenient.

Smarter Bot Management - Right now, every different bot you kill or are killed by shows up by name. Make it so that the plugin simply lists the types of bots (Orun Collector, Queen, etc...) and how many times a member kills that type of bot or is killed by that type of bot. This prevents the window from getting overly crowded with useless information.

That's all I can think of for now. Let me know if I forgot something. Keep up the great work!