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Mick's plugins

Apr 26, 2008 maq link
I've been messing with lua a bit lately and figured i'd share what i made.

Well, here are the plugins:

If there's any problem with them, a bug, error, anything, please post about it. I can't fix it if i don't know about it.
Best if you include relevant error, it can be found in errors.log file.

I made it because some information that's useful in a fight is displayed rather far from where you are usually looking (which is your target).
For example target's health and distance is waaay far (for me anyway, tho i do have rather big screen) in right top corner,
or ammo count, way to the left.
So during a fight when every second matters i didn't have the time to spare not looking at my target.
And the fact i have fonts set not too big doesn't help quickly reading default displays.
So i figured it'd be nice to display it somewhere else, for example close to the center of the hud.

Anyway after this rather long introduction here's what the plugin does.

It displays 3 movable transparent dialogs with:
- your health
- target info
- name and ammo of all ammo weapons
You can move each dialog to wherever you like and disable any part of it.
Font size is also changeable.

How it looks: screenshot

/customhud - toggles it on/off
/customhud config - shows config window (duh)

There's also /togglehud command which toggles chosen parts of normal hud.
Idea is to bind it to a key and show more hud when say not in a fight and hide distracting parts when fighting. Or something like that.
It's configurable in the config window.


Small plugin i made when someone in the guild complained he overcooked a roid.
It turns off beams if roid is hotter then specified temperature. You need to have the roid targeted of course.

/tempsafety or /ts and arguments:
on/off - turns whole thing on/off
currentmax - shows current maximum temperature
setmax - sets maximum temperature
notify on/off - turns notifications when beams turn off, on/off


tempsafety 0.7 alpha
A new version i was developing, that among other things integrates autojett-like functionality, has sound notifications, tries to keep mined roid targetted, and some other things.
It's not finished but it's been a while since i touched and i'm not sure when i'll finish it.
Stuff might not work, i'm not sure what tho.
Putting it up in case someone wants to check it out or something.

Ingame viewer for tube racing times (uses this to get the times: )

/rs or /racestats to open.

Selecting checkboxes makes it filter using that field, unselecting will ignore it.
ship and name search lowercase and in any part of the name so you don't have to be precise.

It uses httplib, which is also included in the zip. (to install it just put both folders in plugins)

Also added stats module that records your times on each checkpoint and on finish and on subsequent races adds difference between current time and best recorded time.
Checkpoint times are broadcast on 501 (by default) along with time between checkpoints (ie. after 2nd checkpoint you get time between 1st and 2nd, at 3rd - between 2nd and 3rd)


Eldrad's Variable Zoom alias made into a plugin (mostly for ease of installation, there's no new functionality)
some people especially new have lots of trouble figuring out aliases, i hope installing a plugin will be easier.

Bind vzoom_in, vzoom_out and optionally vzoom_reset to keys of your liking. reset sets zoom to 75 (normal vo value)
eg: /bind MWHEELUP vzoom_in

you can change max/min FOV levels and step (how much it'll zoom in with each key press)
it works by multiplying/dividing current FOV value by step.
type /vzoom for overly lengthy help.


plugin which allows to bind more then one command to same key,
works like double click, (only can be more then double)
as in, if you press a key once within specified time then first command gets executed,
twice - second one, etc.

Made mostly for selecting targetls targets with numbers higher then 10.
For example pressing 1 twice will select 11, 5 three times 25 etc.
Can of course work for any other commands/functions

/mc "new_command" "command one" "two" ... - works like /alias, will create new command "new_command" and assign "command one" as first command, 'two' as second, etc. (can be any number of commands)
after creating new command you need to bind it to a key e.g. /bind B "new_command"
/mc delay <number> - sets how long will the plugin wait for next key press (in milliseconds)
/mc targetls - binds number keys to targetls as described above


few other small things that aren't totally finished and/or tested or are quick hacks:

wg (weapon groups) - interface for changing weapon groups, accessible in space.
Only really useful if you forget to set them in station. Also my attempt at making it bit differently, not really better tho.
open with:
double click a weapon to toggle it between on and off for that group
(reload button should not be necessary, not sure tho, i think re logging doesn't update it)

Bulk - quick hack for selling/buying ships(or anything else but only ships don't have a normal way to do it) in bulk, that i was asked to do
/bulk buy "Name" amount - name is case sensitive and needs to be exact
/bulk sell "Name" - will sell all ships with that name (could be easily modified to only sell specified amount if anyone cares)

cpreset(cargo preset) - for saving list of stuff loaded into a ship and then loading that list with simple command, it does work as far as basic functionality goes, but does no error checking whatsoever, might finish it if someone wants me to.

/cpreset save "name" - saves whatever you have loaded as preset with supplied name
/cpreset load "name" - loads preset into the ship

cargolist - displays list of all cargo in sector

thread for the plugin complaints, requests etc. go there

/cargolist - opens dialog
clicking on items in the table targets them

adds /newdump command that works like original dump but saves screenshots with current data and time as filename, optionally with a prefix
/newdump stuff - saves screenshot to stuff31/01/2009-21:59:09.png

makes 3rd person view persistent by toggling camera to external view after jumps, etc.

/pview - toggles
/pview on/off - obvious
Apr 26, 2008 amotoma link
Great work Mick, have been using customHUD for a while now and really like it.


*pew pew pew*
Apr 27, 2008 IonicSpartan link
Just downloaded the hud, been using it all day, and I think its really good. It's kinda weird, because I was just thinking why is all the important information so far way from my field of vision?
Anyway keep up the great work.
Apr 28, 2008 euclid6400 link
Much obliged Mick. This 'safetytemp' plugin is exactly what I was asking for.

"May Lady Prosperity smother you between her breasts, making you rich beyond your wildest dreams".
Jun 17, 2008 maq link
added multiclick and vzoom.
made tiny fix to vzoom to make it not get stuck zoomed in slightly.
also i forgot to mention that racestats uses httplib (or more importantly to include it, fixed now).
Dec 17, 2009 Person link
Just posted vzoom to VOUPR to test multiple authors. I've given you managerial status, but you can tell me if you have any moral objections. ;-)
Dec 19, 2009 Death Fluffy link
Good stuff here. Been using CustomHud for a long while and love it.
Dec 21, 2009 skelbley08 link
Yeah, I've used tempsafety for quite a while now. One of my most valuable plugins, by far.
Feb 20, 2010 weasy link
Hey mick what happened to this plugin telnetterm?
Feb 21, 2010 maq link
It's not my plugin but spuck's, but either way nothing happened to it as far as i know, it's here.
Jul 15, 2010 Death Fluffy link
Request for Custom Hud improvement.

I'd like to have the target information displayed in the targets native color if possible. I think this change would be useful for border skirmish situations where friendly fire causes you to target a generic ship type of your own team.
Jul 15, 2010 maq link
I thought it does that, maybe i didn't upload that.
Will fix that shortly.
Jul 15, 2010 Death Fluffy link
Awesome! Edit: Just what I was wishing for. Thanks!
Feb 18, 2011 xXxDSMer link
i think this is the right place to ask something about treemissionlist lol.. if not hopefully that person reads this thread.

I was wondering if it'd be possible to use something like treemissionlist to arrange the ship addons in a more logical order.. even if not by the current seemingly licenses order, but its rather annoying to me to have things all jumbled up and i'd kinda rather have the ship addons sorted alphanumerically or at least grouped sorta by licenses, but like items together (like all the neuts together, all the gauss's together, plasma elim/dev/anni together.. etc etc)

edit: think i'd posted in the wrong thread.. somehow ended up in mick's plugins when i think this should'a went in "my addon dump" so posted it there also