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Jun 26, 2008 blacknet link
Not sure if you would call this channel logs, channel chat, or what not. But what it DOES do is outstanding.

I made dynamic tabs, one tab for each of the channels you are on, one for private and one for guild chat(if you are in a guild). If you join or leave a channel it will add/remove a tab to reflect that change.

Tab titles are the channel number.

Lower right corner is a scroll bar, that is the maximum log size, in lines, range is 100 to 1,000. It will actively change all windows at once. As data comes into the respect channel the window data will change to reflect the max allowed lines.

escape key closes the window as does whatever key you have bound to 'channel' i.e. /bind 'p' channel will toggle open/close status. As will /channel

To send messages to the current channel you type it in next to "send to xx >>" where XX is the channel number. If it is guild then it will goto guild. IF you are on the private tab there is a listbox with every user who has sent you a /msg. Choose the user from the list and type in the message and enter.

I have added faction color coding for all in/out bound messages.

and the download link.

Jun 27, 2008 PsyRa link
Great plugin. Some suggestions if your taking them.

Have the tab change color or flash if there is an unseen message waiting.

When sending a / for a command, process it as a command. I tried to /leave 489573 because it was a dead channel, and ended up sending to 100 instead.

Not sure how hard it would be, but splitting out the priv messages into tabs instead of the drop down selection would seem to be more user friendly.

Set up a way to bind an open key, so you don't have to type /CHANNEL every time.

For some reason 201 and 202 messages about convoys do not seem to appear or record.

Being able to re-size the window would be nice too.
Jun 27, 2008 blacknet link
good ideas there. I will work on that. I had forgotten about the /command stuff.

You can bind a key to open/close it. a simple /bind 'key' channel will do that, same key will also close the dialog.
Jun 25, 2009 peytros link
oh sweet i never knew this existed i will be trying it out as i find tabbed chat much more preferable