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Plugin: QuickHail by Jasmine

Sep 19, 2008 darkangeljas link
So! Here's my first decent attempt at a plugin. I've been using it for a while and it seems pretty stable.

I know people use the binds mostly, but I like to be different and had an idea. A dream, if you will, of a multiple hail thing written in lua.

And it has been created, though it's still quite rough on the edges.

Basic commands:
/qh : Opens the UI to set your hails
/qhlist: to list which hail you want to send to your target.

Now! Here's the nifty part. When you type /qhlist, it rebinds the number keys up the top, from 1, on the left, all the way to 0 on the right. Press the number corresponding to the hail you want to send, it sends the message, gets rid of the li'l dialog, and binds your keys back to whatever they were previous! Nifty, huh? So you can bind /qhlist to a key, and then use it to send your hails.

1.0a First release!
-It's rough!

- Added multiple character support, so your hails will be different between all your alts. It takes note of your Character ID so you can have as many characters on as many accounts as you want and they shouldn't cross!
- Also! If you've already added your Preferred hails to the 1.0a version, type /qhupdate and it'll bring them over onto your current character.

- Added X and Y coordinates to the config dialog so you can move it around! Decimal points work for added accuracy.
Increase X = Move to the Right
Increase Y = Move Down.
- Added Font Size! Make the words as big or as small as ye want!
- Added a tickbox to set the hails to Sector Hails! Yay! Knew you wanted that feature!

- Fixed a little bug with the X and Y updater.

- Rewrote it and made it all neat and organised.
- Reworked how the UI for qhlist was handled so now has colours due to requests from Boran and Amo.
- <PM> and <SC> tags infront of the hails in qhlist, also coloured appropriately.

- Fixed a kind-of-big error when saving. Left a line of code there that I shouldn't have. (Makes a note to restart VO before she releases a new plugin)
- Also added a little bit of protection for your binds in case the game crashes when the qhlist menu's open and the keys are changed. It'll revert them back to what they were the previous login.

More features to come, but here it is:
Sep 20, 2008 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
As a general concept, this is pretty cool. Keep up the good work.
Sep 20, 2008 blacknet link
super good layout. only 2 things that caught my eye.

1) do .... end is not needed.

2) the xxx1 xxx2 xxx3 xxx4 ... xxxN you can use tables instead and use unpack(xxx) if each one is a vbox :)
Sep 20, 2008 Rejected link
nifty plugin, i love personalized hails!
Sep 20, 2008 darkangeljas link
Heya blacknet

I'm still learning about Tables, and how to incorporate them into the whole IUP thing, but I'll give the unpack() thing a go and see how it all works out. :)

I haven't mucked around with the plugin for a while, and I have some features I want to add, so I may play with it in the near future.
Sep 20, 2008 blacknet link
basically[k]= iup.vbox { \\tab stuff here\\}
;tabtitle = v,

iup.pda_root_tabs {unpack(,