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plugins are evil

Nov 08, 2008 Pointsman link
Yes. I have taken to uninstalling them when I 1v1. I could probably narrow it down to a few candidates but it isn't obvious which ones are causing huge and unpredictable lag issues.

I wanted to let all you plugin authors know..
Nov 08, 2008 slime73 link
Targetless and TCS mess with the HUD, which generally causes FPS problems because they add more overhead.
Nov 09, 2008 blacknet link
what plugs are you using?
Nov 09, 2008 Pointsman link
Eh, methinks slime is right, i was just whining. Maybe I'll do some testing at some point and make a more insightful post.
Nov 09, 2008 Lord~spidey link
they dont affect framerates for me (even on my eee)
but i have problems with the stuff on my HUD (specially TCS)

I hate clutter.
Nov 09, 2008 maq link
i don't see any plugins affect framerate either, tho targetless gets slow when there's lots of people in sector
very noticable pause when updating, have to set it to 10s during nw's
Nov 09, 2008 LostCause link
Targetless is about the only one I have had any performance issues with. It does noticeably pause when much of anything is going on, including the wormhole sectors with turrets. It also seems to steadily consume memory until I hit swap and am forced to restart VO. I do have a fairly large roid database, though.