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Jan 10, 2009 maq link
plugin that displays list of all cargo in sector, as requested :)

/cargolist - opens dialog
clicking on items in the table targets them

it's right now very basic version

it's also very slow when there's lots of targets

- auto updates
- searching
- ui improvements

- made it wait minimal amount of time between switching targets, so it doesn't freeze the client.
it makes updates slightly longer but much less problematic
interestingly time it takes to change target and get target info apparently mostly depends on number of ships in sector but not other objects, for example in sedina b14 it's usually below 1ms (per target)
while in critical HS sector 80-400ms with occasional spikes into 1-4s (also per target!)

Jan 11, 2009 Death Jr. link
I think this would be extremely useful if attached to targetless, being able to switch to a cargo list would help tremendously when looking for something in a sector.
Mar 30, 2011 Thanagard link
^This. The only thing lacking in TargetLess (other than a minor bugfix regarding the game client hanging when logging out and quitting, which may be due to the olugin writing data to a log file) would be the ability to track cargo widgets. As it is, I'd be afraid to try cargolist with TargetLess running, because I can see a potential conflict there.
Mar 31, 2011 drazed link
cargo list type functionality IS planned for a future targetless release already as part of a bigger future update ( ), but this could be useful in the meantime. I will download/test for conflicts when I get a chance.
Apr 02, 2011 Keller link
I need to post it, but I rebuilt Cargolist months ago. It includes using the TLS locks to avoid issues with Targetless, as well as the ability to manage different targeting methodologies, and scan sets, plus background scanning (i.e. scanning without a dialog), and being able to interact with the scanned set without a dialog.

We've been using it in PA for months now. It's proven very useful in getting at particularly choice drops. Ninjr had done a lot of testing for me, and has been bugging me to release it.
Jul 13, 2011 Kazoo37 link
Hello. Wondering since the last response is several months old now. Has the new version been released/posted yet? I am still having issues with conflicts between this and targetless myself