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Collectorwatch -- hunt hive queens without the boredom

Apr 11, 2009 womble link
Hunting hive queens is fun, but watching the collectors mine is boring. This plugin allows you to do something else (read a book, browse porn) while the collectors do their mining, with an audible alert as soon as they move off to go back to the queen.

It's not a big plugin, but it does take some of the tedium out of botting for licences.

Find it on the wiki (, or direct from
Apr 11, 2009 maq link
Link missing?
Apr 13, 2009 womble link
Oh me, oh my, oh the joy of retrospective edits... thanks maq.
Feb 17, 2010 timmahpyre link
How do u change the alert noise?? Lmao...
I wanted to change it to Rick Astley - never gonna give you up! Lol
if anybody knows reply please :3
Feb 17, 2010 maq link
You'd need to modify the plugin a bit,
first somewhere at the top put
gksound.GKLoadSound{soundname='cwalert', filename ='plugins/collectorwatch/alert.ogg'}

then replace

Then put a sound file named alert.ogg in collectorwatch directory (or you could change filename above)
vo will also work with .wav files, for that replace the extension too

Going mostly from memory so not sure it's right.