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Ship Loadouts Manager

Aug 21, 2010 meridian link
This plug-in lets you assign a name to your ship loadouts and up to 4 can be saved as presets to a given station (replacing the existing universe-wide presets). You can still buy any loadout regardless (assuming it is available at the current station). The 4 presets are just for convenience.

Here are some screen shots:

Odia M-14:

Sedina L-2:

Dau G-2:

Enhanced Ship Purchase Dialog:

Alternately, you can use the command line if you prefer. For a list of available commands use: /slm help

*New tab to better manage which stations a preset is assigned to
*New import/export tab to exchange loadouts files
*Color picker to change color of saved presets
*Reconfigure existing ship to saved loadout

Download: ShipLoadoutsManager v1.0.7.3 (Last Update 2/7/2016)
Aug 22, 2010 Alloh link

Exactly what I wanted, even posted asking it! Now I can "name" my ships.

MineTaur and BotTaur...

This is so good that should be incorporated into regular VO client!
Aug 25, 2010 igrok link
I'm still getting used to the user interface, but I like it. It's *very* nice to be able to name ship configurations!

It would be helpful to add a button for SLM to the ship purchase menu. I know someone managed to add a button to the nav panel, but I don't know what all is involved.
Aug 25, 2010 slime73 link
You need to create a button which will open the dialog, find the right place to append it (the hardest part), and call iup.Append(place, button). You might also need to call iup.Refresh(place) right after doing the Append.
Aug 26, 2010 meridian link
I figured out where to append the button so that it is just to the right of the 'Purchase Selected' button in the Ship -> Buy -> Buy Ship window. Is that an ok location?

And FYI -- I will be disallowing the use of names beginning with the symbols * or # in the next release. * will be appended at the front of loadouts not available at the current station.
Aug 28, 2010 meridian link
v0.5.0a is now released. Lots of improvements and better overall.

I had a function in the previous version to verify names assigned to loadouts but it wasn't getting executed properly due to a silly typo. This means that loadouts named with the previous version can potentially cause issues. To validate your existing loadout names and be prompted to change problematic ones use /slm update. Using the rename command should also work (at least from the console). Names beginning with * or containing all numbers are likely to cause problems.

If anyone finds any instances where the availability of a loadout is listed incorrectly, let me know.

List of changes for v0.5.0a:
-Revised GUI (support for tabs and looks better at various resolutions)
-Added icons for addons
-New Options tab with additional configuration settings
-Additional sorting options for list of loadouts
-Backup/Restore of loadout data
-Availability check of loadouts including price of purchase
-Confirmation dialog for buying presets that are not available at current station
-Added button to open SLM GUI in Ship->Buy->Buy Ship
-Fixed bug where docking with capship was treated as being at station
-Fixed bug preventing checking for invalid preset names
-Fixed bug where modified buyback was only shown if all 4 presets were assigned
-Help documentation is now up-to-date
-New Update command to verify preset names are compatible with current version

EDIT: Posted v0.5.1a
-Optimized the sorting algorithms for better performance
-Added icons for the ships (I forgot ships had icons)
Jan 29, 2011 meridian link
v1.0 is now released. Adds some major new features including a significant code overhaul.

List of changes for v1.0:
-Added search bar with loadout name, ship name, addon, sector & advanced searches
-Added sort by color option
-Added enhanced purchase ship dialog
-ACTIVE SHIP & DEFAULTS are filtered in search
-ACTIVE SHIP & DEFAULTS are hidden if unavailable while "show only available" option is checked
-Added Case Sensitive, Pattern Matching, and Only show Availability options (saved to config)
(SEE: )
-Unavailable addons shown in red, items from storage in grey
-Colons and Commas no longer allowed in loadout names (Advanced Search compatibility)
-Version saved with loadout data
-PDA Set Preset buttons now use the selected ship rather than active ship to better match original behavior of the buttons
-Fixed bug where warning for low station storage would not be shown on loadout purchase from GUI.
-Fixed bug where enhanced buyback dialog wasn't displaying correctly
Apr 11, 2011 igrok link
No one else has posted here? This plugin is awesome! I don't even buy that many different types of ships and find it very useful.
Apr 14, 2011 Pizzasgood link
I was meaning to install it and forgot. I finally did the other day. Haven't played enough since then to really start using it yet, but it looks like it will be pretty useful so far.
Apr 14, 2011 Pizzasgood link
Feature request: double-click on ships in the list to buy them, rather than having to select them and then click the buy button. The IUP version we have doesn't support double-click, but it can be handled by hand by detecting two clicks on the same entry, optionally with some variety of timer to only trigger on real double clicks rather than two clicks separated by minutes or whatever.
Apr 16, 2011 meridian link
Version 1.0.1 is now available. Some bug fixes, minor improvements, and feature request added.

List of changes for v1.0.1:
-Fixed small memory leak
-Fixed error for when default presets are not assigned
-Now suppresses enhanced buyback dialog during tutorial
-On death, buyback dialog now shows saved presets at current station rather than home station (not necessarily the same)
-Gives focus to loadout list when opening dialog (allows selecting loadouts with arrow keys without having to select with cursor first)
-Double-click loadouts to buy them (must enable in options)
-Compatibility with new 1.8.176 API (redundant)

I added your double-click request, Rin, but it isn't enabled by default (wouldn't want credits to be lost over a mis-click). Also added an undocumented command for advanced users to change the delay time: "/slm setdoubleclickdelay #". Interpreted as seconds if 2 or less, otherwise milliseconds (max 2 seconds). Default is 600 ms.

I didn't use timers in the implementation, as it seemed like more overhead than was necessary.
Apr 17, 2011 Pizzasgood link
Cool, thanks!
May 06, 2011 meridian link
Oops, I broke the enhanced buyback dialog in the previous release. Fixed in SLM v1.0.2

Also added some user-friendly feedback for when changing the double-click delay.
Sep 12, 2011 meridian link

Due to the hack job I used to detect a double-click, changing tabs on the gui was indistinguishable from a mouse click in the loadouts list. As a result, changing tabs twice in a short duration was interpreted as a double click and would purchase the active loadout. Similarly, changing to the options tab and closing the gui would result in a false double-click the next time the dialog was opened because the gui switches to the loadout tab when opened.

These bugs have been fixed in SLM v1.0.3. It was only a problem if the 'double-click to purchase' option was enabled, but even so, this update is recommended for all users.

Also, there were some cases where the enhanced ship purchase dialog wasn't being suppressed properly during the tutorial (deleting a character and re-creating it). This has also been fixed in 1.0.3.
Oct 23, 2011 pirren link
Thank you for awesome plugin :}
Oct 24, 2011 Kierky link
Bug where at Latos N-15, my Valk loadout (the sunflare part only) does not go white.
The station, double checked, does sell Sunnies.
Oct 24, 2011 meridian link
So the way the availability checker works is it first checks if the current station sells the ship used by the loadout. When the ship is not available it doesn't bother checking the availability of the rest of the addons since the loadout cannot be purchased at that station anyway. The result is all the addons get listed in red. The ship name is always white regardless of availability -- I'll take a note to fix that in the next version.

I am currently working on a major revision to the code that will include the ability to reconfigure the addons & weapon groups of the active ship to match a saved loadout (e.g. apply a loadout created for an X-1 to your valk IDF). This has required me to rewrite the availability check algorithm, so it is likely that in the next version addons won't be red for loadouts where the ship is not available.

I've also considered adding a feature to switch to a ship in storage that matches a given loadout (won't happen in the next version but maybe a later release). Anyway, quick poll regarding how to implement that feature:
1) Should the weapon groups be required to exactly match the specified loadout for the ship in storage to be considered a match?
2) Should the color of the ship in storage exactly match? (I suppose I could do a 5% tolerance for RGB values or something)
3) Should the addons be required to be in exactly the same ports? (i.e. for a ship with 3 small ports, weapon X must be in the left port, Y in the middle, and Z in the right)
*NOTE that the player would have a dialog pop up asking if they want to reload in the case where the ship in storage is not fully reloaded.
Oct 24, 2011 Pizzasgood link
That would be neat, because I have a tendency to wind up with a dozen identical ships at S. D-14 since it's faster to just click the preset button than find one in the inventory.

Would that also apply to the "buy last ship" deal after dying?

Also, what will be the behavior if your current ship already matches "exactly"? I think it would be nice if in that situation it would buy a new one, in case you want to stock the station with a number of duplicate ships for some reason (e.g. you anticipate losing faction for a while).

My answers to your questions:

1) Ignore weapon groups, and modify them to match the config
2) Consider color
3) Ports should match exactly

(of course, these could be configurable if enough people have differing opinions)
Oct 24, 2011 meridian link
I'm thinking in the buyback dialog I'd just add a new button, so it would be buyback last ship? yes, no or from inventory. Then I could grey-out the button if there isn't a ship in inventory matching the loadout.

As far as buying duplicate ships goes: the first loadout in the GUI loadout list is called "ACTIVE SHIP" (may not be visible if you have the show only available loadouts option checked). Selecting the ACTIVE SHIP loadout followed by clicking the buy button will buy an exact duplicate of the current ship (assuming all addons are available). You can even do it from the console: /slm buy "ACTIVE SHIP".

I wouldn't want to combine a "select loadout from inventory" button with purchasing functionality as that could result in credits lost unintentionally.
Oct 25, 2011 Kierky link
Also, when I purchase a ship it configures only the primary weapon group.
This is common with any ship.
This could be due to the weapon groups, I messed with them before I saved the preset?