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AFK Plugin

Jan 14, 2011 draugath link
The goal of this plugin is to log incoming /msg's for later perusal while you are AFK.

Currently, this plugin is in an alpha state.

The core functionality works, and you can output received messages to the chat window. Received messages are not deleted until you either ReloadInterface() or /logoff.

Mainly what is holding this plugin back at the moment is trouble developing the GUI.

Feel free to post suggestions and bug reports, but understand that since it is currently alpha, until it reaches it's initial release state, they may not be worked on until my own design goals are achieved.

Commands: /afk help
Jan 14, 2011 meridian link
A few suggestions:
1) It would be nice to have an option to only send the auto-reply message once per individual who has PM'ed you (and reset the list on toggle of AFK status). Or better yet, only have the auto-reply sent if it hasn't been sent to a particular individual in the last X minutes (user definable), which shouldn't be too hard to do since you are already saving a timestamp when they hail you.

2) Allowing for a %name% variable in the auto-reply that substitutes for the name of the person to receive the auto-reply would be handy too.

3) This is more of a nitpick, but when the afk UserCommand is entered you are basically checking if the first argument matches a list of commands and, if not, defaulting to toggling status and setting the auto-reply. The problem is this prevents you from setting an auto-response that has a first word matching one of the commands.

Okay, so given your current list of commands, it isn't too likely for someone to want to start their auto-reply message with one of them ("help, I'm AFK!" is the only remotely plausible one I can think of), but theoretically you may grow your list of commands, increasing the potential for conflicts.

I recommend only executing the commands when exactly one argument is given (or more if the command takes extra arguments).

4) And on a related note: you might as well make the arguments case-insensitive, following the convention established by the game.