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Plugin: Turret Selection Interface

Jun 07, 2012 slime73 link
This plugin adds an additional view to the Turrets tab when you are docked with a capship or a gunner for another player. It displays turrets as icons directly on the ship model, so you are easily able to see exactly where you the turret is located.

DOWNLOAD (version 1.0)


Jun 07, 2012 Lord~spidey link
Jun 08, 2012 Pizzasgood link
That is pretty sweet.
Jun 08, 2012 abortretryfail link
This is so friggin cool. :D
Jun 08, 2012 meridian link
Cool plugin
Jun 08, 2012 Keller link
Nicely done, sir!
Jun 08, 2012 TheRedSpy link
Jun 09, 2012 Keller link
There needs to be an indication of which ones are already manned.
Jun 09, 2012 slime73 link
I think it says when you mouseover the turret, but I should definitely have an indication when you aren't mousing over, yeah. Somehow it slipped my mind.

I also need to add support for when you are the owner of a ship with turrets. Coming in version 1.1!
Jun 09, 2012 Keller link
No big, sir. No one's perfect, and those claiming to be are either delusional or lying.

Given how seriously cool this whole thing is - a little thing like missing chrome isn't really an issue at all.
Sep 03, 2012 redotter link
This should be integrated into the game and Slime given some free months of subscription. Awesome.
(The ship animations rock too).
Still waiting for v1.1 though ;)

...So when are the Behemoth and Atlas coming?