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SmartJett: intelligent jett plugin

Feb 26, 2016 SilverBeam link
SilverBeam presents you SmartJett, the ultimate autojett plugin! SmartJett is capable of detecting the correct quantity and oretype at the start of a mining, and thus autosetting autojett with the correct ore. SmartJett comes with kombattunes audio support. A nice voice will play every 25% mission completion updating you on your status. This can be disabled in the config at the top of the main file.
If you find any bug please reply in this post. I'll provide to fix it as soon as possible.

Voupr plugin link:
Feb 27, 2016 vskye link
Suggest you add a "You've been exterminated for AFK mining" part. ;)
Feb 27, 2016 Kazuma Mishima link
Works great but when using the sj aj option I set it to jet si ore and instead it jettisoned my helio ore I wanted to keep but it said it was jettisoning si ore, and this is Dargo The Dark Messiah
Feb 28, 2016 SilverBeam link
Dargo, with the aj command you set the ore you want to keep, not the ones to be jettisoned. My bad, i miswrote its info message. A new version will be coming soon where i'll patch that and that orecount that sometimes doesn't work as intended.