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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Dec 08, 2003 roguelazer link
A derative of Arolte's:

alias z0 "set controlresponse 1 ; bind . z1 ; echo '100% dampers'"
alias z1 "set controlresponse 0.5 ; bind . z2 ; echo '50% dampers'"
alias z2 "set controlresponse 0.25 ; bind . z3 ; echo '25% dampers'"
alias z3 "set controlresponse 0.1 ; bind . z0 ; echo '10% dampers'"
bind "." z1

Some shamelessly stolen aliases. I leave it to the reader to find out who made them:

alias zoom13 "set fov .3854; alias zoomOut zoom12; alias zoomIn zoom13"
alias zoom12 "set fov .5781; alias zoomOut zoom11; alias zoomIn zoom13"
alias zoom11 "set fov .8671; alias zoomOut zoom10; alias zoomIn zoom12"
alias zoom10 "set fov 1.3001; alias zoomOut zoom9; alias zoomIn zoom11"
alias zoom9 "set fov 1.9509; alias zoomOut zoom8; alias zoomIn zoom10"
alias zoom8 "set fov 2.9264; alias zoomOut zoom7; alias zoomIn zoom9"
alias zoom7 "set fov 4.3896; alias zoomOut zoom6; alias zoomIn zoom8"
alias zoom6 "set fov 6.5844; alias zoomOut zoom5; alias zoomIn zoom7"
alias zoom5 "set fov 9.8765; alias zoomOut zoom4; alias zoomIn zoom6"
alias zoom4 "set fov 14.8148; alias zoomOut zoom3; alias zoomIn zoom5"
alias zoom3 "set fov 22.2222; alias zoomOut zoom2; alias zoomIn zoom4"
alias zoom2 "set fov 33.3333; alias zoomOut zoom1; alias zoomIn zoom3"
alias zoom1 "set fov 50; alias zoomOut zoomMin; alias zoomIn zoom2"
alias zoomMin "set fov 75; alias zoomOut zoomMin; alias zoomIn zoom1"
alias zoomOut "zoomMin"
alias zoomIn "zoom1"
bind MWHEELUP zoomIn
bind MWHEELDOWN zoomOut
bind MMBUTTON zoomMin

And, finally, one of my own:

alias CrashTheGame "set drawnormals '1'"
bind Enter CrashTheGame
Dec 08, 2003 Arolte link
Oh... for those who want to use these but don't know how to bind keys, let's go step by step on how to do it.

Let's take a look at the emergency brakes bind:

alias ebrake0 "+Decelerate 0 ; +Brakes 0 ; bind z ebrake1 ; echo 'Emergency Brakes OFF'"

alias ebrake1 "+Decelerate ; +Brakes ; bind z ebrake0 ; echo 'Emergency Brakes ON'"

This bind consists of two aliases. But I made it simple by combining both of them into one, so you only need to use one key for it to toggle between the two modes. Now take a look at the first alias where it says "bind z ebrake1". Change the letter "z" to the key you want your emergency brakes to be. Repeat this for the second alias. Then scroll down where you see the list of keys which are already bound to your current controls. Make a new line that says "bind z ebrake1", where "z" is the key you want your emergency brakes to be.

Essentially you're referring that keystroke back to the alias, which is what tells the game which commands to execute. The alias is simply where you program the game to combine multiple keystrokes or alter command variables to the settings you want. And all it does is stick keystrokes to those commands rather than having to type it out manually.

If you want to change the key later on, make sure ALL the z's are changed (including the ones in the aliases). Also go down the list and confirm that a single key isn't bound to two action (for example the default z key I believe is a selection for next enemy in front radar or something).

Hope this helps.
Dec 08, 2003 Magus link
/alias turbo +turbo
/bind v turbo

Gives you a turbo toggle so you don't have to hold down tab.

/alias roll +roll
/bind p roll

It's handy for those of us with keyboards that don't let you press more than 3 or 4 keys it once. It helps dodge those damn dirty furies.
Dec 08, 2003 Arolte link
With a simple question about what a single variable did in my wgaf.ini file, I immediately got sucked into the art of binding. This is a thread to share all your cool custom binds with everyone else. Let me start off with two of mine...

alias ebrake0 "+Decelerate 0 ; +Brakes 0 ; bind z ebrake1 ; echo 'Emergency Brakes OFF'"
alias ebrake1 "+Decelerate ; +Brakes ; bind z ebrake0 ; echo 'Emergency Brakes ON'"

Emergency Brakes. Tired of never being able to stop in time when you know you're about to hit an asteroid or a station? Well, say no more! Now you can save your life with the new Emergency Brake bind. What this does is make a single key toggle between emergency brake mode on and off. All it does is bind a single key to the act of pressing both the decelerate and brakes key. It's so simple and dumb, yet it's so helpful at the same time. Sorry, physics mode users need only apply.

alias d0 "set rcontrolresponse 1.000000 ; bind v d1 ; echo 'Dampers 100%'"
alias d1 "set rcontrolresponse 0.700000 ; bind v d0 ; echo 'Dampers 70%'"

Anti-Wobble Device. Tired of the wobble on your Hornet or Prometheus? Tired getting 0wn3d by Valks in your heavy ship? Well, say no more! Now you can have your own anti-wobble device at your own disposal. Simply bind a single key to this alias and you'll be able to switch between two damper modes, which will allow you to use a slow ship like the Prometheus (70% setting) or a fast ship like the Valkyrie (100% setting) to its fullest extent.

Now, your turn. Feel free to post about anything EXCEPT stupid voice binds or binds which are offensive to others (i.e. "I have /ignore bound to <username>"). I want this to be a productive thread, not a flamewar.
Dec 09, 2003 roguelazer link
Okay, I fixed my Dampers binds to reflect the new variable name. They should work now. :P
Dec 08, 2003 Eldrad link
Well rog stole that from me : P

here's another

alias aim1 "set autoaim 0; alias aim aim2; echo 'auto aim OFF'"
alias aim2 "set autoaim 1; alias aim aim1; echo 'auto aim ON'"
alias aim "aim1"

bind aim to toggle autoaim.

There's also my rotation aliases... but I don't want to dig them out of my wgaf file, and they're ugly anyways, so ask FM to post his.

oh and I think I like this one more than arolte's:

alias +ebrake "+Decelerate ; +Brakes "
alias -ebrake "+Decelerate 0 ; +Brakes 0 "

then bind +ebrake to any key. When you let go it will stop braking
Dec 08, 2003 Arolte link
Eldrad, I was trying to figure out how to make it so you'd only have to hold it down. Thanks!

Roguelazer, what does that mousewheel zoom thing do? Is it raybondo's version but smoother with more intervals?
Dec 08, 2003 sherman link

*sits in station and types /bind a lot*
Dec 09, 2003 roguelazer link
sherman, just copy 'em en masse into your wgaf.cfg file.

Arolte, try it and find out.
Dec 09, 2003 Eldrad link
Arolte, I wrote the zoom thing that Rog posted. It zooms both in and out and can be snapped back to the normal state. It can also be bound to anything without changing the aliases.

The increments are 1.5x each other, so the first zoom is 1.5x the second 1.5^2 etc. Nothing special I just copied and pasted it from my wgaf file and those were the increments I'd randomly chosen back when I wrote it.
Dec 11, 2003 simondearsley link
While not a bind, nor an alias, its still very useful;

chang the wgaf.cfg file: set doKeyRamp "0"

This stops the client 'ramping' the key press. Try it out... Ok then, here is an alias and bind:

alias krv1 "set doKeyRamp 0 ; bind K kvr0 ; echo 'Key ramping disabled'"
alias kvr0 "set doKeyRamp 1 ; bind K kvr1 ; echo 'Key ramping enabled'"

bind "K" kvr1
Dec 11, 2003 the flying banana link
damn usefull
Dec 11, 2003 [Draco] link
1. What are damper and how do they help

2. I only have say_sector bind like I am not hostile and stuff...
Dec 11, 2003 SirCamps link
try it and see
Dec 11, 2003 [Draco] link
Dec 11, 2003 Eldrad link
Well I found it...

Here's my controllable rotation speed alias. Ya I know it's an ugly mess... but it works perfectly fine.

Here's what to bind:
bind q +rCW
bind e +rCCW
bind + rup
bind - rdown

Here're the aliases to copy into your wgaf.cfg file:

alias +rotCCW "+rotCCW6"
alias -rotCCW "roll 0; +rotateCCW 0"
alias +rotCW "+rotCW6"
alias -rotCW "+rotateCW 0"
alias -rCCW "-rotCCW; alias rdown rotdown; alias rup rotup"
alias +rCCW "+rotCCW; alias rdown 'rotdown; +rotCCW'; alias rup 'rotup; +rotCCW'"
alias -rCW "-rotCW; alias rdown rotdown; alias rup rotup"
alias +rCW "+rotCW; alias rdown 'rotdown; +rotCW'; alias rup 'rotup; +rotCW'"
alias +rotCCW0 "roll -200; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW0 "roll 200; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias CCWset "alias -rotCCW 'roll 0; +rotateCCW 0'; alias -rotCW '+rotateCW 0'"
alias CWset "alias -rotCW 'roll 0; +rotateCW 0'; alias -rotCCW '+rotateCCW 0'"
alias +rotCCW1 "roll -100; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW1 "roll 100; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW2 "+rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW2 "+rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW3 "roll 100; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW3 "roll -100; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW4 "roll 200; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW4 "roll -200; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW5 "roll 300; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW5 "roll -300; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW6 "roll 400; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW6 "roll -400; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW7 "roll 500; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW7 "roll -500; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW8 "roll 600; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW8 "roll -600; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW9 "roll 700; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW9 "roll -700; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias +rotCCW10 "roll 750; +rotateCCW; CCWset"
alias +rotCW10 "roll -750; +rotateCW; CWset"
alias rotup "rot7; echoR7; rotTo7"
alias rotdown "rot5; echoR5; rotTo5"
alias rup "rotup"
alias rdown "rotdown"
alias rot0 "alias rotup 'rot1; echoR1; rotTo1'; alias rotdown echoBot"
alias rot1 "alias rotup 'rot2; echoR2; rotTo2'; alias rotdown 'rot0; echoR0; rotTo0'"
alias rot2 "alias rotup 'rot3; echoR3; rotTo3'; alias rotdown 'rot1; echoR1; rotTo1'"
alias rot3 "alias rotup 'rot4; echoR4; rotTo4'; alias rotdown 'rot2; echoR2; rotTo2'"
alias rot4 "alias rotup 'rot5; echoR5; rotTo5'; alias rotdown 'rot3; echoR3; rotTo3'"
alias rot5 "alias rotup 'rot6; echoR6; rotTo6'; alias rotdown 'rot4; echoR4; rotTo4'"
alias rot6 "alias rotup 'rot7; echoR7; rotTo7'; alias rotdown 'rot5; echoR5; rotTo5'"
alias rot7 "alias rotup 'rot8; echoR8; rotTo8'; alias rotdown 'rot6; echoR6; rotTo6'"
alias rot8 "alias rotup 'rot9; echoR9; rotTo9'; alias rotdown 'rot7; echoR7; rotTo7'"
alias rot9 "alias rotup 'rot10; echoR10; rotTo10'; alias rotdown 'rot8; echoR8; rotTo8'"
alias rot10 "alias rotup echoTop; alias rotdown 'rot9; echoR9; rotTo9'"
alias silentRot "alias echoR0 ''; alias echoR1 ''; alias echoR2 ''; alias echoR3''; sRot2; alias togEcho noisyRot"
alias sRot2 "alias echoR4 ''; alias echoR5 ''; alias echoR6 ''; alias echoR7 ''; sRot3"
alias sRot3 "alias echoBot ''; alias echoTop ''; sRot4"
alias sRot4 "alias echoR8 ''; alias echoR9 ''; alias echoR10 ''; echo 'Rotation Speed does NOT ECHO'"
alias noisyRot "alias echoR0 nechoR0; alias echoR1 nechoR1; alias echoR2 nechoR2; alias echoR3 nechoR3; nRot2"
alias nRot2 "alias echoR4 nechoR4; alias echoR5 nechoR5; alias echoR6 nechoR6; alias echoR7 nechoR7; nRot3"
alias nRot3 "alias echoR8 nechoR8; alias echoR9 nechoR9; alias echoR10 nechoR10; nRot4"
alias nRot4 "alias echoBot nechoBot; alias echoTop nechoTop; nRot5"
alias nRot5 "alias togEcho silentRot; echo 'Rotation Speed does ECHO'"
alias togEcho "silentRot"
alias echoR1 "nechoR1"
alias echoR2 "nechoR2"
alias echoR3 "nechoR3"
alias echoR4 "nechoR4"
alias echoR5 "nechoR5"
alias echoR6 "nechoR6"
alias echoR7 "nechoR7"
alias echoR8 "nechoR8"
alias echoR9 "nechoR9"
alias echoR10 "nechoR10"
alias echoBot "nechoBot"
alias echoTop "nechoTop"
alias nechoR0 "echo 'Rotation speed is 0.8x'"
alias nechoR1 "echo 'Rotation speed is 0.9'"
alias nechoR2 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.0x'"
alias nechoR3 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.1x'"
alias nechoR4 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.2x'"
alias nechoR5 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.3x'"
alias nechoR6 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.4x'"
alias nechoR7 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.5x'"
alias nechoR8 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.6x'"
alias nechoR9 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.7x'"
alias nechoR10 "echo 'Rotation speed is 1.75x'"
alias nechoBot "echo 'No Change: Rotation speed is .8x'"
alias nechoTop "echo 'No Change: Rotation speed is 1.75x'"
alias rotTo0 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW0; alias +rotCW +rotCW0"
alias rotTo1 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW1; alias +rotCW +rotCW1"
alias rotTo2 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW2; alias +rotCW +rotCW2"
alias rotTo3 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW3; alias +rotCW +rotCW3"
alias rotTo4 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW4; alias +rotCW +rotCW4"
alias rotTo5 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW5; alias +rotCW +rotCW5"
alias rotTo6 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW6; alias +rotCW +rotCW6"
alias rotTo7 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW7; alias +rotCW +rotCW7"
alias rotTo8 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW8; alias +rotCW +rotCW8"
alias rotTo9 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW9; alias +rotCW +rotCW9"
alias rotTo10 "alias +rotCCW +rotCCW10; alias +rotCW +rotCW10"
Dec 11, 2003 Celkan link
Wheee, I made one useful for traders, and if someone could help me just get it to loop but not crash the game, I'd be all set!

/alias +scan "RadarNextNearestEnemy; RadarNextNearestEnemy"

Hold down the button you bind it to, and it will always tell you if the nearest enemy changes unless you let go. (Then it will continue to track that particular enemy until destroyed or out of range) Good when boosting through sectors with hostiles.
Dec 11, 2003 roguelazer link
Eldrad: And what do we bind? Which alias becomes the bind?
Dec 11, 2003 Arolte link
+scan would be the alias name (ex: bind r +scan)
Dec 12, 2003 roguelazer link
Celkan != Eldrad