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Dec 12, 2003 Archon link
Where in the vendetta package (OS X) does Vendetta start (root)?
Dec 13, 2003 LordFear link
Does anyone know the binding for a key so I can press a button to turbo, instead of having to hold turbo down for so long? So I just press to turn on, then press again to turn off. Thanks
Dec 13, 2003 roguelazer link
/alias turbokey "+Turbo"
/bind m turbokey

I use m, you can use whatever you want.
Dec 13, 2003 Eldrad link
ok I was too lazy to figure out what you bind but here it is:
+rCW (default would be q)
+rCCW (defualt would be e)
rup (either mwheelup, or + and =)
rdown (either mwheeldown, or -)
Dec 14, 2003 Archon link
RogueLazer, LordFear: Or you could just purchase "ArcoPilot" (currently in beta 0.8) for 125k when it's finished. It's... gonna be fantastic. Nuff said. Yes, I already have beta testers for it. Don't ask. :P
Dec 16, 2003 Starfisher link
Is there any command to pause the execution of a command?

Like "+turbo; wait5; -turbo" (Turbo for five seconds or milliseconds or whatever the increment is)
Dec 16, 2003 Starfisher link
Random Double post of the previous message... which I will take advantage of to ask a new question:

Why does:
/alias blah "+Shoot1"
Shoot once, while
/aliast blah2 "+Shoot1; +Shoot1"
Shoot indefinately?
Dec 16, 2003 roguelazer link
No clue because /alias blah "+Shoot1" shoots indefinitely for me.
Dec 17, 2003 Starfisher link

I meant, why does binding a key to "+Shoot1" only fire once (or as long as the key is held" while binding the key to an alias for "+Shoot1" fire indefinately?
Dec 17, 2003 roguelazer link
Same reason as binding a key to +Turbo boosts while key is held down and aliasing it gives you infinite boost (with eff/fc) after only pressing the key once.
Dec 17, 2003 simondearsley link
Which is because when a command (Like +Trubo) is bound to a key directly, pressing the key sends the activate command (+Turbo), and releasing it sends the deactivate command (-Turbo). Otherwise pressing your straff left key, for example, would cause you to straff until you pressed it again. Not very intuitive, or really very desirable in a FPS type game. But if you bind a key to an alias containing a command, pressing the key activates the alias' command, but releasing does not deactivate the alias' command (for similar reasons)

Hope that makes sense...
Dec 17, 2003 Starfisher link
Except -Turbo comes back and 'unknown' command... I suppose we don't have access to it, or something?
Dec 18, 2003 Eldrad link
When you have a +alias that has more than one command in it, it loops through doing one then the other, but when you have only one it just does it on the key being pressed, which is most often the desired effect.

This is the same reason the following does not scan:
alias +scan "TargetClosestHostile" (I'm not sure that's what the command is called but you get the point)
and this does:
alias +scan "TargetClosestHostile; TargetClosestHostile"
Dec 20, 2003 panic link
Is there any way to bind to a joystick button?
Dec 20, 2003 panic link
Sorry about the double post, my computer freaked out.
Dec 20, 2003 Celkan link
w00, ogg vorbis m3u playlist switcher...
Direct from my wgaf.cfg, with a few mods to preserve my anonymity. :D
alias ambient "playmusic ambient7.ogg; bind 0 nlist1; bind 8 plist"
alias list1 "playlist /VMusic/List1.m3u; bind 0 nlist2; bind 8 plist1"
alias list2 "playlist /VMusic/List2.m3u; bind 0 nlist3; bind 8 plist2"
alias list3 "playlist /VMusic/List3.m3u; bind 0 nlist; bind 8 plist3"
alias stop "StopMusic"
alias nlist "ambient; bind 0 nlist1; bind 8 plist"
alias nlist1 "list1; bind 0 nlist2; bind 8 plist1"
alias nlist2 "list2; bind 0 nlist3; bind 8 plist2"
alias nlist3 "list3; bind 0 nlist; bind 8 plist3"
alias plist "nlist3"
alias plist1 "nlist"
alias plist2 "nlist1"
alias plist3 "nlist2"
bind 8 plist
bind 9 stop
bind 0 nlist

simply hit 0 or 8 to scroll through your playlists. this also works with single tracks.
Dec 26, 2003 a1k0n link
Also, the console is modal in multilog mode. That is, if you type a line of text in the console while you're in the "team" log, you will chat to your team, etc. In the private message window, it goes to whoever messaged you last.

I don't know whether ray ever added a say_to_current_log_or_whatever command.
Dec 26, 2003 raybondo link
i did not add anything to do that yet.
Dec 26, 2003 Zeplin link
I heard rumers of a command to create a pause? Is that the wait command? how does it work?
Dec 26, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
/wait (interval) "command"
use ' to substitute quotes if the command in the quotes needs it (ex: "echo 'doughnuts are good'")
Interval will wait in seconds

/wait 2 "echo '2 seconds elapsed'"
waits two seconds, then issues the echo command which echos "2 seconds elapsed"