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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Aug 25, 2007 tumblemonster link
Could someone help me figure out how to set a bind to cycle another bind? I've been messing, and looking, but can't find one. What I'd like to do is set key's 1-0 so I can press one button and each time I do I get a different number key (firswt press is 1, 2nd is 2, etc)

It's for drazed's new plugin. It would be cool to be able to set one button to cycle through his target list.
Aug 25, 2007 MSKanaka link
alias targetCycle "targetCycle1"
alias targetCycle1 "selectTarget1; alias targetCycle targetCycle2"
alias targetCycle2 "selectTarget2; alias targetCycle targetCycle3"
alias targetCycle3 "selectTarget3; alias targetCycle targetCycle4"
alias targetCycle4 "selectTarget4; alias targetCycle targetCycle5"
alias targetCycle5 "selectTarget5; alias targetCycle targetCycle6"
alias targetCycle6 "selectTarget6; alias targetCycle targetCycle7"
alias targetCycle7 "selectTarget7; alias targetCycle targetCycle8"
alias targetCycle8 "selectTarget8; alias targetCycle targetCycle9"
alias targetCycle9 "selectTarget9; alias targetCycle targetCycle10"
alias targetCycle10 "selectTarget10; alias targetCycle targetCycle1"

bind "key" targetCycle
Aug 25, 2007 tumblemonster link
Coooooooooooool. THanks.
Sep 18, 2007 logrus link
Is it possible to bind to keyboard scan codes for extra keyboard buttons? I.e. "bind 0xb1 whatever"
Nov 09, 2007 look... no hands link
dunno, but its a small task to buy a chepo controller and rip it apart to add extra keys to your keyboard along the empty space at the top.

once i find it ill post my bind for when your having fps issues, it drops the bacground to just black and a few other settings too.
Nov 11, 2007 Moosemade link
Ok, forgive me if someone already asked, but is there a layman's guide to binding and such? I find all this very interesting, and I want to start messing around with it, but I'll be damned if I know anything about it all. You guys all seem to know what commands do what, and well, code tends to make me break out in hives, so if anyone's got a Complete Idiot's Guide to Binds and Alieses, well let me know.

My plan is to make it so when in physics mode, when I accelerate I don't basically set my throttle to a certain point, but instead fire my main thrusters once (Ala I-War 2). It'd make PM a lot easier in my mind...
Nov 12, 2007 ArAel link
Nov 12, 2007 killconie link
Is there a bind that assigns a key to solar-system chat?
Nov 12, 2007 ArAel link
/alias system 'say_system "Safe journeys through the void!"'

/bind system "anykey"

i think
Nov 13, 2007 RelayeR link
There is no "system" chat. It's either sector or channel (everyone on that channel).

If you want sector (someone you run across whilst flying around) use:

/alias nicehail "activatechattab 0; say_sector 'Safe journeys through the void!"'
/bind (key) nicehail

Note the closing quote and apostrophe at the end.
Nov 14, 2007 ArAel link
there is system chat look through the plugins
Nov 14, 2007 RelayeR link
Ah, news to me. I wasn't aware of that plugin.
Dec 11, 2007 SuperMegaMynt link
Here's a neat bind for testing out ship acceleration. The first part is simply a clock that alternates between "Tick" and "Tock" every second. The second part has four functions, three of which send your ship accelerating up, left and up, or forward left and up, and a fourth one which halts all movements, braking for 10 seconds. Each acceleration begins with a ***Start echo, and halting begins with a ***End, so that you can count the seconds between starting and stopping. The end all point is to be able to physically test how quickly your ship accelerates in different directions. It is not the same.

alias Null "alias Null 'Null'"
alias Check "Tick"
alias Stop "+brakes 0; echo Braking complete."
alias Tick "alias Tock 'echo Tock; wait 1 Check'; echo Tick; wait 1 Tock"
alias Test1 "alias Check 'Tick'; Tick; echo ***Start; strafeud"
alias Test2 "alias Check 'Tick'; Tick; echo ***Start; strafeud; strafelr"
alias Test3 "alias Check 'Tick'; Tick; echo ***Start; strafeud; strafelr; accel"
alias Test4 "alias Check 'Null'; alias Tock 'Null'; echo ***End; strafeud 0; strafelr 0; accel 0; +brakes; wait 10 Stop"
Dec 18, 2007 moving target link
OK. From having played Descent for the last decade I have a set of flight controls that are ingrained into my fingers. I am wanting to copy that style of flying here with the added ability of turning on physics mode if I want.

Flight assist mode is very nearly what I want. The only difference is that it has a throttle for forward and backward. What I want is for the forward and backward buttons to put the ship into full speed in the proper direction until the button is released and the ship comes to a stop.

alias +go "Accel 1000"
alias -go "Accel -1000"

alias +reverse "set flymodeflag 0 ; Accel -1000"
alias -reverse "set flymodeflag 1"

When I bind these to my forward and backward buttons (e and j) it gives me the normal controls that I am used to. The problem is when I try toggling to physics mode. At that point it throws me into reverse at max speed and doesn't let me change that.

What I want is to be able to toggle to physics mode and have the forward and backward buttons change back to a throttle style control.This is the current hack that I have tried, but it isn't working.

alias drifton "flymodetoggle ; Accel 0 ; bind e +Accelerate; bind j +Decelerate; bind , driftoff"
alias driftoff "flymodetoggle; bind e +go; bind j +reverse ; bind , drifton"

What's the problem?
May 17, 2008 Kierky link
/alias sectorhi "say_sector (Your choice of hail or msg)"

/bind 'your choice of Key' sectorhi

When aliasing the sectorhi you can add a %target% in the text, but to make this work, you must have someone being targeted.
Otherwise, It will come up as %target%.

This is a Messaging Sector bind.
Jul 05, 2008 Daare link
A quick set of aliases to toggle your weapons between Safe and Armed mode - it's ugly but it works. I use a joystick so my fingers are always on or near the triggers for my weapons so I came up with this to prevent accidents. Actually, I'd like to suggest a Weapons Safe Mode be made a feature of VO since, realistically, every weapon should have a Safety.

One thing I'd like to add is a simple sound when you try to fire weapons while in Safe mode. Anyone know if there is some kind of "beep" or "click" command that can be used in aliases? Also, I used fully descriptive alias names to make it easier to understand - is there any kind of performance penalty for doing so? I could easily replace the wordy version with a more cryptic but less verbose one if so.

Use at your own risk but otherwise enjoy!

/WeaponCheck by Daare
/Toggles weapons between Safe and Armed mode.
/Text feedback in chat window on toggle.
/CAUTION: Binds the Home key to toggle modes.
/NOTE: This won't work if you have any custom binds set up for firing weapons.

/To install: Copy this block of text to a new text file with a ".cfg" suffix
/in the same folder/directory as vendettaclient, start VO, bring up the console
/(default "`"), and "/load <name of text file>.cfg".

/Manually bind your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary triggers to
/+weaponCheckPrimary, +weaponCheckSecondary, and +weaponCheckTertiary
/respectively in wgaf.cfg. Joystick users will probably have to do this in
/the config.ini file.

alias +weaponCheckPrimary "+shoot2 1"
alias -weaponCheckPrimary "+shoot2 0"
alias +weaponCheckSecondary "+shoot1 1"
alias -weaponCheckSecondary "+shoot1 0"
alias +weaponCheckTertiary "+shoot3 1"
alias -weaponCheckTertiary "+shoot3 0"
alias weaponCheckSafe "echo '>>> Weapons SAFE <<<'"
alias weaponCheck "weaponCheck0"
alias weaponCheck1 "alias weaponCheck 'weaponCheck0'; alias +weaponCheckPrimary '+shoot2 1'; alias +weaponCheckSecondary '+shoot1 1'; alias +weaponCheckTertiary '+shoot3 1'; echo '>>> Weapons ARMED <<<'"
alias weaponCheck0 "alias weaponCheck 'weaponCheck1'; alias +weaponCheckPrimary 'weaponCheckSafe'; alias +weaponCheckSecondary 'weaponCheckSafe'; alias +weaponCheckTertiary 'weaponCheckSafe'; weaponCheckSafe"
bind Home "weaponCheck"

/EDIT: Fixed primary fire to use shoot2.
Jul 06, 2008 maq link
You could use /playmusic command to play some sound i suppose (tho you'd need to supply said file)
or you could make it a lua plugin and use the proximity warning beep or possibly other sound that's already used for something else.

As for performance, you don't have to worry about that.
Jan 17, 2009 Daare link
Blinky (a radar jump point indicator flasher)
Jan 17, 2009 Daare link
HUD Target Selection Mode Toggle (alias/bind)
Feb 22, 2009 PolarBear link
/alias turbo +turbo
/bind v turbo

Does toggle on the turbo but pressing v again does not turn turbo off.
I'm assuming this use to work but some VO update along the way broke it.

Can anyone figure out what to add to fix it?