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Feb 21, 2004 Eldrad link
Cam, when you're using mouse look your camera moves separately from your ship, the rolling is set up to rotate the camera slower than the speed the slowest ship rolls so that you don't get ahead of your ship. The rotation aliases allow you to rotate the camera faster, but don't effect how fast the ship rolls. To get your camera to turn faster increase the mouse sensitivity.
Feb 22, 2004 Cam link
I was actually hoping to make the ship turn slower
and since a joystick can do different speeds i was wondering if there is a way to program a ship to turn at a slower rate when using a keyboard

any ideas?
Feb 23, 2004 Eldrad link
Well that you can do.
You would want to make a similar set of aliases to the rotation ones... but just using +TurnUp -1000to1000, etc. For example +TurnUp 500 would start turing up at half speed.
Feb 28, 2004 Morbidly Wrong link
the real alternate fire... TESTED... WORKS...

to alternate 3 weapons:
alias -alternatefire "+shoot1 0;+shoot2 0;+shoot3 0"
alias +alternatefire "wait 2 '+shoot1';wait 1 '+shoot2';+shoot3"
bind MMBUTTON +alternatefire

to alternate 2 weapons:
alias -alternatefire "+shoot1 0;+shoot2 0"
alias +alternatefire "wait 1 '+shoot1';+shoot2"
bind MMBUTTON +alternatefire

the only caveot is.. the weapons you choose to alternate...
the "repeat" time is very important...
weapons with a .15 repeat time alternate very well...
but drains your battery very fast...

play with diffrent weapons and the wait times in the alias's

.2 repeat with wait 1 and wait 3

whatever works for you...
Feb 28, 2004 Morbidly Wrong link
also you have to set one weapon per fire group...


alias +alternatefire "wait 2 '+shoot1';wait 1 '+shoot2';+shoot3"

primary fire - S Right - falchute
secondary fire - S Left - falchute
trinary fire - S Rear - falchute

this is cool.. machine gun!!

Apr 04, 2004 Arolte link
Nevermind. Got it.
Apr 16, 2004 RelayeR link
Well, MW, you could press F1 for help but then you'd have to "ask" for the help! :)
Apr 15, 2004 RelayeR link

In anticipation of the reset.
Apr 15, 2004 zoid fuzor link
wow this thread is ancient
Apr 15, 2004 Eldrad link
lol, no it's not. Ancient's like the thread about how you can post pictures in the thread title, or the one about "new" bots with a colored title.
Apr 15, 2004 Pirogoeth2 link
This thread is old enough to be locked for no reason other than being oldO.o
Apr 15, 2004 roguelazer link
But the ancient threads forum be'eth locked. :P
Apr 15, 2004 genka link
Too bad, eh?
Apr 15, 2004 RelayeR link
Please do not lock this and deny the future pilots of Vendetta from learning this ancient art of binding/aliases.
Apr 15, 2004 Morbidly Wrong link
The following is my c:\program files\guildsoftware\vendetta\wgaf.cfg

i've broken it down into sections to make reading easy... some of these are posted above with my settings... some are my own...

i just recently took a hand at editing this file... it was tough to learn but the "multi log" alias's and bind's helped explain everything easier...

i made some standard commands capital letters to avoid hitting them in the middle of a duel...

alias -evade4 "+StrafeUp 0; +RotateCW 0"
alias +evade4 "+StrafeUp; +RotateCW"
alias -evade3 "+StrafeUp 0; +RotateCCW 0"
alias +evade3 "+StrafeUp; +RotateCCW"
alias -evade2 "+StrafeDown 0; +RotateCW 0"
alias +evade2 "+StrafeDown; +RotateCW"
alias -evade1 "+StrafeDown 0; +RotateCCW 0"
alias +evade1 "+StrafeDown; +RotateCCW"

alias -alternatefire "+shoot1 0;+shoot2 0"
alias +alternatefire "wait 1 '+shoot1';+shoot2"

alias l6 "Log6; alias Message say"
alias l5 "Log5; alias Message say_sector"
alias l4 "Log4; alias Message say_team"
alias l3 "Log3; alias Message say_group"
alias l2 "Log2; alias Message say"
alias l1 "Log1; alias Message say"
alias Message "say"

alias +ebrake "+Decelerate ; +Brakes "
alias -ebrake "+Decelerate 0 ; +Brakes 0 "

alias dampers0 "set controlresponse 1 ; bind ? dampers1 ; echo '100% dampers'"
alias dampers1 "set controlresponse 0.75 ; bind ? dampers2 ; echo '75% dampers'"
alias dampers2 "set controlresponse 0.5 ; bind ? dampers3 ; echo '50% dampers'"
alias dampers3 "set controlresponse 0.25 ; bind ? dampers0 ; echo '25% dampers'"

alias polygonmode "query video polygonmode"
alias linemode "query video linemode"
alias showall "radarshow 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33"

bind "T" Message
bind F1 l1
bind F2 l2
bind F3 l3
bind F4 l4
bind F5 l5
bind F6 l6
bind "`" ConsoleToggle

bind "a" +StrafeLeft
bind "d" +StrafeRight
bind "r" +StrafeUp
bind "f" +StrafeDown
bind "q" +RotateCW
bind "e" +RotateCCW
bind "w" +Accelerate
bind "s" +Decelerate
bind "z" +evade1
bind "x" +evade2
bind "c" +evade3
bind "v" +evade4
bind Tab +Turbo
bind Space +ebrake
bind MOUSEX +LookX
bind MOUSEY +LookY

bind "1" Weapon1
bind "2" Weapon2
bind "3" Missile1
bind "4" Missile2
bind "5" Missile3
bind "6" Mine1
bind "7" Mine2

bind Insert RadarNext
bind Delete RadarPrev
bind End RadarHitBy
bind Home RadarNextFront
bind PageUp RadarNextNearestEnemy
bind PageDown RadarPrevNearestEnemy
bind MWHEELDOWN RadarNext
bind MWHEELUP RadarPrev
bind LMBUTTON +alternatefire
bind RMBUTTON +Shoot3
bind MMBUTTON RadarNextNearestEnemy

bind Escape Quit
bind "i" +zoom
bind "H" hudtoggle
bind Enter Activate
bind "'" FlyModeToggle
bind "?" dampers0
bind "J" Jettison
bind "O" toggleinventory
bind "R" showall
bind "u" +TopList

bind F8 DisplayShipPos
bind F9 CameraToggle
bind F10 ViewToggle
bind F11 dump
bind F12 Help

lol... dont "Press F1 for help"

Apr 16, 2004 Eldrad link
Though the threads old it isn't out of date. I still use many of the aliases in here, and they're still good for many new people to know.
Apr 20, 2004 Magus link
What program do OSX users use to edit and save the wgaf.cfg file?
Apr 20, 2004 Eldrad link
I use Emacs, you can also use TextEdit or any other text editor. Both of those two are already on your system though it's the Terminal only version of Emacs.

New command:

alias gaussvalk "wgroup 0 2 3 4; wgroup 2 2; wgroup 5 3 4"
# results weapon group1 fires 3 weapons; weapon group3 fires just the first weapon ('front' on a valk); weapon group6 fires the next two weapons (on a valk the 'right' and 'left')
alias gaussvult "wgroup 0 2 3; wgroup 2 2; wgroup 5 3"

Then when in the station instead of setting up my weapon groups as I like them through the station gui I just type "guassvalk" or "gaussvult" and the weapon groups are set.

1) Only works in the station.
2) the first number is the group 0-6 and corresponds to "Weapon Groups 1-7"
3) the rest of the numbers are the ship's ports 0-1 = engine and bat 2+ = weapons
Apr 20, 2004 Xorbital link
That is a most excellent trick Eldrad! I love it.
Apr 21, 2004 Morbidly Wrong link
Closest Enemy Scanner

alias scan2 "wait 1 'scan1'; RadarNextNearestEnemy"
alias scanoff "alias scan1 'echo Scanner Off'; bind MMBUTTON scanon"
alias scanon "alias scan1 'RadarNextNearestEnemy; scan2'; echo 'Scanner On'; scan1; bind MMBUTTON scanoff"

bind "MMBUTTON" scanon