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Favor needed: plugin to combine roid databases

Jul 21, 2021 somote link

I am not good with lua. And even worse with the spickle stuff. Is someone who could make a plugin to combine the roid databases from targetless, mdi roiddb, Asteroid mapping project and Prospector Plug in that would be amazing!

It would need to export to roid plugin database of choice.
Jul 21, 2021 haxmeister link
I have a server that has combined the "asteroid mapping project" with other databases. That particular one has an open API that you can extract from as needed (thanks to the author).

However, you are requesting something with no specific target. Which plugin are you preferring to use .. and as such.. which plugin do you want the databases from the others converted to work with?
Sep 10, 2021 SlashGorden link
Hey Hax, I built the 'Asteroid Mapping Project' and it's still running and I see that people are still adding to it. I never play any more and can't be *rsed developing it further. Do you need a dump of the data or any of the source code ? The server is C, client is LUA obviously but you'll have that already I guess.