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Enduring Title changes for those interested in honoring Big Nasty

Sep 30, 2021 Inevitable link
As requested here is a list of people who have requested to have their Enduring Titled Cap ships renamed in honor of BigNasty.

GigaBallz: "BN Flies For ONE Forever" serial 22
demonicat: "BN Hellhound" Serial 26?
Jakp: "BN /explode" - Serial:7
12netjuan: "BN Alpha" Serial: 17
A-dawg: "BN Scirocco" Serial:8
Programmer: "BN Gleipnir" serial: 7
Garadexx: " BN DARKUS" serial:27

If anyone else who has an enduring title and is interested in honoring our old commander and friend BigNasty by having BN added to the front of your ships name . Please post here what you would like your ship named and its serial number. Thanks.
Oct 01, 2021 incarnate link
Just a note that I am aware of this thread, and will check back to look at it next week, when we will likely implement these changes. So, please do post any other BN-related ship name-changes that are desired.

I'm deferring a little to look into the possibility of adding "Ship Name Changes" to the Enduring Title history, before making the actual name changes.

As an additional note, changing of Enduring ship names is currently a one-off, particularly for the passing of BN. It's a manual process, and non-trivial.

We might eventually add such a feature (hence, the ability to at least have History on it), but I'm not promising that in the immediate future.
Oct 01, 2021 Pup link
"BN Nightlight" SN:24
Oct 08, 2021 Pandoram link
"BN Enter The Matrix" , SN:#3
Oct 11, 2021 incarnate link
Okay, these have all been done. That brings the change to a close, so I'm locking the thread.