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Anyone know about this Issue with TCS

Nov 18, 2021 We all float link
plugins/tcs-plugins/cli.lua:15: attempt to index field 'ui' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
plugins/tcs-plugins/cli.lua:15: in function '?'
vo/vo_cmds.lua:12: in function 'func'
vo/vo_event.lua:63: in function <vo/vo_event.lua:61>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'
vo/vo_event.lua:87: in function '_do_event'
vo/vo_event.lua:107: in function <vo/vo_event.lua:103>
[C]: in function 'gkinterfaceGKProcessCommand'
vo/vo.lua:1133: in function 'GKProcessCommand'
vo/if_chatlog.lua:95: in function <vo/if_chatlog.lua:55>
(tail call): ?
(tail call): ?
Nov 19, 2021 draugath link
What were you doing when it happened? There are two issues I'm aware of with TCS.
Nov 21, 2021 We all float link
I was trying to load the tcs gui with the /tcs command
Nov 22, 2021 draugath link
I'm not sure about that one.
What OS are you on?
Did you modify any files?
Nov 24, 2021 We all float link
On linux. i have not modified anything.