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Contest: Discord Event Banners

Feb 09, 2022 Luxen link
Discord recently added a new feature for server event planners to use, basically allowing events in the planner to have cover images. Now, I COULD go out of my own way to create cover images for the events that get added to the planner, but...........

where's the fun in that?

This contest challenges pilots to create a "cover image" for the discord event system. Pilots may make a single entry per event. Submissions may be used as cover images for the events in the future.

Events valid for this contest:
1) NationWar
2) Storm Hunt
3) VaultRaid

Submissions must be in a standard image format with a MINIMUM resolution of 800x400; larger resolutions must keep the 2:1 aspect ratio.

One submission from each category will be selected as the winner based on its visual appeal and relevance to the event. All submissions will also be eligible for a community favorite.

"winners" will receive a one-month premium key and, when implemented, a special role in the discord server.

Submissions should be added to the official discord's #player-creations channel. Make sure to mention the contest and ping me as well.
Feb 20, 2022 haxmeister link
Luxen, adding the description and RP of each of these events to this thread would be helpful in inspiring related art.