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VO Backstory (Serco PoV)

May 22, 2022 Sid123 link
The current backstory is written by the Order of Eo, and offers their perspective of the events. I'm writing a backstory from the Serco point of view. This one will incorporate the same events as those in the original backstory, but will modify some minor details and usage of words to give it a more Serco feel. Some details are entirely manufactured, while some details from the original are omitted. This is again to make it more Serco-centric.

I will be posting here as I write each time-period. Advice and corrections are always welcome.
May 22, 2022 Sid123 link

The following is a narration of the known history of the Galaxy and the inception and advancements of the Serco Dominion. This document is written by the Ministry of Truth and Media, and was started in AD 2670 by Mikoka Potaris, one of the three Generals in the first glorious Triumvirate. All Triumvirates since have made it compulsory for every son and daughter of the Dominion to read this history, so they may understand the glorious past of the Dominion and be warned against the treachery of the cowardly Itani.
Jakatol Shandia, Ministry of Truth and Media,
Serco Prime, Sol ll, AD 4430
May 22, 2022 Sid123 link
Part 1: The Days of Sol

AD 2140

Humans (Homo Sapiens) were limited to a planet named Earth, which was in many aspects similar to Serco Prime. They had small outposts on their only natural satellite, “Luna” and a neighboring planet “Mars”. After many years of glorious but vastly inferior warfare and violence, the humans had settled into a weak-minded “peace”. They were vastly inferior to our people, suffering from problems now unheard of such as deformities at birth, loss of body parts due to minor accidents and sometimes “mental defects” or loss of control of body parts called “paralysis”. They were also much weaker and less intelligent than us. Now, of course, such weaknesses have been eradicated thanks to the contributions of Serco science.

Some of these humans, in spite of their inferiority, were progressive scientists, who imagined and delivered cures to many of these problems through crude versions of modern cybernetics and genetic treatment. These people, however, were still scientists, and while able to produce change, did not have the vision to shape it. This was done by generals and military commanders of the time, who used these advancements to more productive ends by creating enhanced soldiers who were much stronger, faster, more perceptive and had better reflexes. These early enhanced humans were of course no match even for a child of the Dominion, but were the pinnacle of human progress in their time. The generals also created “drone-soldiers”, human bodies with no brain, controlled by a central computer. Other automatons of different shapes and sizes are made as well, for both military and non-military use.

Curiously, in this era the military leaders were separate from non-military leaders, and possessed much less power. This was perhaps due to the prevalent weak idea of peace. Another feature was that the majority of the population was not involved in military service. Indeed, people were allowed to place their interests above the interests of their motherland, and were allowed to speak against their government. This tolerance of traitorousness was doubtless a major cause for the future disasters that struck human civilization.
May 22, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2204

Autonomous drones are used in assassinations and acts of terrorism. These drones could reach high-profile targets by impersonating persons with high security clearance, using samples of their DNA. This reveals the existence of such drones to the public which – reflecting the lack of vision in contemporary humans – is terrified rather than impressed. A popular politician (a person craving the approval of the general ignorant populace, and who also influenced the nation’s policy) described these inventions as “terror in the guise of humanity”. This term catches on, and the drones are called “Guises” (this term must be familiar to you from Serco Education Disk Level IV).

Eventually, the spark of war turns into a roaring flame that overwhelms the entire planet. This war sees the use of many technological innovations which horrify the civilian (people who do not serve their nation) populace. In some cases, the human handlers lose control of the Guises, leading to the Guises killing anything that moved.

Space warfare gains prominence during this period, with large orbital assault vehicles and smaller escort craft being built. The outposts on Luna and Mars gain strategic value and become hotly contested military bases. The outposts are also used to store genetic material and data, to ensure the survival of humanity, should Earth be destroyed in the war.
May 22, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2220

After 16 years of violence and destruction, with most of Earth’s technologically and economically areas in ruins, the war ends. The Guises, the awe-inspiring inventions, were destroyed. The immature and ignorant populace demands a ban on research and implementation of cybernetics and genetic engineering. The scientists, instead of being lauded for the awe-inspiring power of their inventions, were ostracized for it. They were cast out of society and persecuted. In some areas, these geniuses of their time lived in ignominy and disgrace. In others, they were hunted down. A movement of “pure-humanism” emerges and gains followers, taking advantage of the misery and poverty after the war to exploit the misguided people. These “pure-humanists” eventually form a world government, placing themselves in positions of power. The world economy slowly recovers, as best it as it can in a regressive society that ostracizes science.
May 22, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2231

Economic recovery over a decade is followed by advances in space exploration. The progress in this field that was made during the war is utilized for peaceful purposes. Civilians colonize earlier outposts on Luna and Mars, depriving them of their military value. Long distance space travel becomes a topic of considerable scientific research and development.

The sciences of cybernetics and genetic engineering are still banned, their massive potential untapped. Other branches of science such as medicine and computer engineering distance themselves from these banned fields. The media, a lackey of the regressive pure-humanist government, plays on the people’s fears and feeds it. The hatred of these sciences becomes a rabid and religious animosity. The former pioneers in these fields, the predecessors of the Serco, were forced to keep a low profile. Their righteous anger brewed within. Some, with a vision for a glorious future, taught their descendants these banned sciences, so they should live on in human memory.
May 26, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2235

During an exploration trip, a gravitational anomaly area is found near “Saturn”, a planet in the Sol System. It is theorized (correctly) that it might be possible to open a wormhole or opening to another far-away area in space. This idea appeals to the public, and receives a lot of attention and investment.
May 26, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2239

A wormhole is successfully opened, and an unmanned probe is sent through, and returns with no ill effects. Several more probes are sent, including ones carrying animal (non-human, biotic life forms) test subjects. They return with no ill effects, and also bring data that indicates a solar system similar to Sol. The first human test probe is authorized.
May 26, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2241

The first human pilot enters and returns through the wormhole successfully. Further flights reveal extensive information about the new System. A planet is found with similar size and mass as Earth, as well as a thin atmosphere and a polar ice cap, and is deemed suitable for terraforming. The wormhole too is deemed stable, as a reliable means of transport and communication between the two systems for millennia.

As you might have already guessed, this system was none other than Sol ll, and the planet none other than Serco Prime.
May 26, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2261

The Sol ll colonization and terraforming project begins after 20 years of tests and research. Many thousands of people volunteer to become pioneer colonists in this new world. Many among them were the descendants of the cybernetic and genetic scientists before the war, who sought a world away from the bitterness and regressive government of Earth.
May 26, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2270

The colonization of Terra ll (now Serco Prime) begins in earnest. The experience on Mars and other bodies in the Sol system is applied here, and a Earth-like world is hoped for within a century. The people remain in a mediocre populist structure, with weak and frequently changing leadership. They live in domed towns, since they were incapable of surviving the climate outside. Other colonists from Earth join them as well, swelling their numbers to the hundreds of thousands.
May 26, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2288

A little known, young but intelligent scientist - doubtless equipped with at least some cybernetic implants - publishes a paper after extensive research on the Sol and Sol ll wormholes. He postulated that while most wormholes were usable for millions of years, the Sol-Sol ll wormhole was nearing the end of its usable period and would likely become unstable and collapse. This goes against the prevalent and popularly believed theory that the wormhole would be stable as long as the nearby gravitational body (the Sun) remained stable.

The government, the media and the prevalent conservative scientific community pooh-pooh the young scientist’s concerns, hiding from the people the potential weaknesses of their system. The scientist’s youth and lack of other published works undermines the credibility of his theory. Disappointed at the lack of understanding and resigned to the unrealistic optimism of the populist government, the scientist abandons his theory and field of research. Meanwhile, the progress of the terraforming process and the survival of the colonists depends almost entirely on supplies from Earth.
May 26, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2310

The wormhole between Sol and Sol ll abruptly ceases to function. Study demonstrates a occurrence similar to what had been predicted by the young scientist 22 years previously. All contact and traffic is cut off. Scientists on Terra ll deem that the wormhole will not become functional again for at least two million years. Earth is never heard from again.

On Terra ll, panic reigns. The population, so weak and dependent on Earth, was despondent. The terraforming process would have taken another 50 years, had contact with Earth continued. As it was, it was predicted to take hundreds of years. The residents are left in their domed towns. The towns are self sufficient in terms of food, but many supplies that had been shipped from Earth, including medicine, spare parts and machinery were now unavailable.
Jun 01, 2022 Sid123 link
Part 2: Tolerance and Betrayal

AD 2330

Life on Terra ll becomes much harder. Food and water are still available, but large machinery and equipment, made entirely of weak materials such as steel and synthetic hydrocarbons, begins to break down. The colonists begin to make adapted equipment out of scrap metal. Environment suits and their spare parts become scarce, and a new black market crops up in these goods. Making new parts and equipment is a failed attempt, as most alloys are difficult to make or work with. Prospecting of minerals is hard in the low supply of environment suits and transportation.

The colonists are despondent and are beginning to lose hope. They had expected to live in harsh conditions, but had not expected to be entirely cut off with no warning. In some areas, the weak populist government structure begins to break down, replaced by crime and anarchy. In this time of despair and doom, some of the descendants of the former cybernetic engineer and genetic scientists come forward to save the day, as their ancestors had foreseen. They assert that with use of cybernetics and genetic alteration, they could make the people resistant to the environment, strengthen their bodies and brains and create creatures who could survive outside the domes and yet be entirely in control of their creators. Some, who understand the severity of their situation and the potential of the technology, see this as their only hope for survival. Others, still sunk deep into their religious hatred of these sciences and bloated stories of the war on Earth, are resistant to change.
Jun 01, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2331

The debate has reached a stalemate. Some labs begin to be adapted for the sciences of cybernetics and genetics, despite opposition. The conservatives do not like these changes, but still continue to live with the modernists since they too realize that they were their only hope of survival.
Jun 01, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2405

As expected, the scientists make great strides in their work. They create genetically enhanced and cybernetically augmented humans capable of working outside the domes with minimal support. For the first time, they take up the title of Serco, a race of progressive and scientifically advanced humans. Meanwhile, the regressive opposition become the Itani, ever more backward in their attitude to science. They claim minor incidents such as occasional bugs and genetic failures to be the cause for their skepticism, but still feel no compunction in enjoying the fruits of Serco science and the creations of their scientists. The Itani begin to live apart from the Serco, within the same domes, as parasites on the Serco population’s efforts. There also exist neutral areas between the Serco and Itani regions, who pledge allegiance to neither yet live off of both. There is no open outbreak of hostilities, but the tensions are high.
Jun 01, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2511

The life on Terra ll is significantly more comfortable. Having survived for so long on Serco science, the Itani now build machinery from scrap and begin to do minor maintenance work, yet claiming to be an important contributive population. We, meanwhile, had created the first non-human cyborgs, resistant to the environment and controlled by us. These cyborgs had not yet realized their potential, however, and continued to be used as beasts of burden for agricultural and mining activities. The Serco also engineer plants capable of surviving the environment, and grow farms outside the domes.

The Itani have grown comfortable in their parasitism of Serco efforts, and now claim to be friendly. They were given the benefit of the doubt.
Jun 01, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2542
A minor bug surfaces with one of the automated cyborgs. It begins to wander aimlessly. The cyborg is designed for farm work, not military use, and is hence very stupid. By chance, it crashes into a domed town largely populated by Itani, leading to a few deaths an idnjuries. Perhaps this should have been taken as a sign to end the Itani once and for all, but alas, our ancestors did not at the time realize the menace they were.

Some among the Itani voice their anti-Serco opinions louder, gaining supporters by blaming the Serco for an unintended bug. The Serco, while pointing out the fact that the Itani were dependent on them for food, were still moved by the Itani lies into a feeling of remorse and repentance.
Jun 01, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2568

A new cybernetic drug begins to circulate among the Serco youth. The drug is entirely software based, and provides feelings of euphoria without any actual achievement. The drug is addictive, and has high demand among the Serco. A few Serco oppose the drug vehemently, on grounds that it weakens the youth by providing pleasure for no cost. The then Serco government, still populist, allows the drug as it demonstrates no side-effects.

After a year of circulation, the drug begins causing psychotic episodes. The Serco forget their own strength, using it to their full potential in their friendly interactions and games with the Itani. The Itani, weaker as they were, were unmatched for the power of the Serco, leading to accidental deaths and injuries. The Itani raise a hue and cry about this, and the Serco, instead of asking the Itani to adjust to the new power of the Serco, act against their own youth to stamp out the drug. In spite of this, the Itani move away from the Serco, with domes becoming completely Itani or Serco, and a few remaining neutral.
Jun 01, 2022 Sid123 link
AD 2625

The Serco and Itani are now nearing their inevitable clash. They view themselves as separate nations on the same planet, and while trade continues, relations are still strained. The Itani are scared of the Serco technological prowess, while the Serco view with righteous contempt the regressive ideology and dependance of the Itani.

The terraforming process is nearing completion, with the Serco augmenting themselves and other cyborgs and plants of their creation, while the Itani move along old technology such as mechanical suits. Both populations have also grown, numbering several million.