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A couple of bugs...

Apr 25, 2003 roguelazer link
In 640x480 20/20 low detail, there is no visible cue for shots. That's just something I'd like to report...

Also, you can edit posts in locked topics on the forums. That seems like me to be a bug...
Apr 26, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
i believe locked thread is just meant so you can't drag up a dead topic, like that "Scores reset" thread from awhile back in the archive.
Apr 26, 2003 a1k0n link
Hmm. Yeah, I hadn't considered that in detail. I'll say it's a bug though. If a thread is locked I guess you shouldn't be able to edit posts within it.
Apr 26, 2003 Pyro link
Shouldn't all the archive threads be locked?
Apr 26, 2003 a1k0n link
...and "post a new thread" disabled, yes, probably.
Apr 28, 2003 roguelazer link
Along the same idea as my first thread, here's another bug:

When in 320x200 mode with Low detail and Low backgrounds, the backgrounds are white. Just pure white. And the text is distorted beyond viewability too...
Apr 28, 2003 Chameleon link
I didn't even know those modes were supported!! :P
Apr 28, 2003 Arolte link
Windowed mode = 320x200 ???

Who plays in that low of a resolution anyway? Might as well take it out.
Apr 28, 2003 roguelazer link
I was playing with it on a 1MB shared memory graphics card-based computer with a 466Mhz Celeron. Well, it sort of worked... I only got 3fps (full screen, 16bpp, Low detail, 20/20, everything off), but it did kinda work...

PS: Modes lower than 640x480 seem to be Windows-only