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Test server

Sep 27, 2006 Antz link
OOI... does that implement a ray tracer?

Does VO source code look like starships?
Sep 27, 2006 yodaofborg link
omg! was not expecting that!

it even compiles under cygwin! so you doze folk don't have to miss out!
Sep 28, 2006 a1k0n link
Heh, I wasn't expecting that either. I forgot cygwin has terminal emulation.

Antz: (to both questions) no, it doesn't. (I'm also going under the assumption that your earlier question was facetious)

Anyway, the VO source code looks like this:
Sep 28, 2006 Aleksey link

Oh, and I want that valk!
Sep 29, 2006 roguelazer link
That code eats 100% of both my CPUs, making it officially both evil and ridiculously cool.
Sep 29, 2006 a1k0n link
That code actually only eats one of your CPUs, while X and your xterm or whatever eats the other.

In any case it's not supposed to be cool or evil, it's supposed to be funny! LAUGH!
Sep 29, 2006 yodaofborg link

w00t, i have the vosource compiled for my ipod!11111oneoneone
Sep 29, 2006 a1k0n link
I think we all need to see a picture of that.
Sep 29, 2006 thurisaz link
umm, what're you running on, rogue? it only takes ~63% of my junky ol P4 (Northwood 2GHz 768MB)
Sep 29, 2006 break19 link
a1k0n, as a paying customer (sometimes..) I ask, nay DEMAND you stop this petty coding and turn the world back rightside up!@ :) :) :) :)

Oct 01, 2006 yodaofborg link

Not that it fits the screen, or anything, but :P I have vo on my ipod! :P
Oct 01, 2006 Antz link
Cygwin can run almost anything these days! Slightly over a year ago I was stuck on Windows for 2 months (the only way of me getting to the Internet was to use a certain rare variant of Lucent Winmodem that did not work under Linux at all (was not a "standard" winmodem)) and I decided to make Windows usable. I managed to replace the Windows shell with X, to produce

when the computer booted. Later I also made it have wallpaper, compiled dillo, xmms, and ported Gaim to it, but by then it lost the "wow, it is windows!" feel since for all practical purposes it was a usable computer (ran sshd, mounted ~ from nfs, etc.). I called it GNU/Windows.
Oct 01, 2006 Antz link
Now that you released the VO source code you will probably get a flood of patches! :) ...and yes, it made me laugh, you succeeded. I also thought I would never see the day of VO running on an ipod... you wait till I get hold of a spare box, you will get a GNU/Hurd build as well!
Oct 15, 2006 yodaofborg link
Heh, sorry, i was bored, I compiled it under ReactOS! And well, it kinda works on WindowsXP! Now that is good news!