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serco lag

Jun 09, 2003 pixelmasochist link
This is getting alot worse. I was engaged in combat (granted i had little chance of winning it). the sector keeps lagging and i get killed. Fair enough this thing happens. The combatant in question calls me a cheater, fair enough it appears that i have logged off.

I saw my ship explode and i don't think the death was marked in my char stats, however my bounty was reset, don't know if this could be a bug, but just wanted to make everyone else aware of it...


Jun 09, 2003 sheepdog link
nothing that bizzar has ever happened to me, do you have your log on phile of when the accident occured?
Jun 09, 2003 pixelmasochist link
yes. there's team chat and this...

[Mon Jun 9 14:49:30 2003] marcuse destroyed pheed
[Mon Jun 9 14:49:33 2003] you are entering sector 9
[Mon Jun 9 14:49:33 2003] Returning to home station...
[Mon Jun 9 14:49:45 2003] ^?ffff00<marcuse> the cheater logs off ... lol

I *DO NOT* blame marucse for what he said as he called it like he saw it ;)

As you can see though, there's no evidence of what went wrong.


Marcuse, could you post your log?

Oh and for the record I'm using debian GNU/Linux unstable with nvidia kernel drivers & opengl implementation.
Jun 09, 2003 Forum Moderator link
Moved to "Bugs" so this won't get buried and lost.
Jun 11, 2003 Spider link
Noted, last night when entering 12 my lag jumped from ~180 to >450 ... it was quite annoying since nothing seemed to work in there.

Could it be that a looot of people are dumping cargo / wasting bots in 12??
Jun 11, 2003 HumpyThePenguin link
no, we have the same problem with the cargo in sec 4, but it doesnt seem to affect lag
Jun 13, 2003 pixelmasochist link
I have a *not very nice* workaround...

I have dropped all my visual settings, the game looks a bit poo but gold capped us earlier and no one complained about me skipping town ;)

Lin (bless her) even appologised for destroying my expensive ship.

It's not how i want it (the backdrop in low res looks nasty) but the game *is* playable. Another note for the record, rtcw runs at 1024x768 in yummy detail so it's not this system (as such).

It's probably a combination of the network and flashy graphics that create bottlenecks... (at least for me).

Spider: Drop your graphics down and see what happens, just try it for a bit. Lets help these struggling devs with useful feedback ;)
Jun 16, 2003 Syntopicon link
Ive been having a lot of lag also, I think Ill try your fix, I know it is not my system causing the problems, and I seem to run well on other online games, I just cant isolate where my drop off is...

Didn't help me at all...oh well, I'll just enjoy my deja vu effects, always fun to fire and watch the shots fly past a few times...

Oh, and my connection is DSL, and usually connect very quickly