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Got teleported to nation space after being killed for no reason

Mar 26, 2021 wsad1234 link
Any idea why my Itani character just got teleported to nation space after being killed in Latos a few mins ago?

I was homed in either a TPG or Orion station, and wasn't KOS at the time. (I got a Temp-KOS in UIT space for 15 mins but that was hours ago I think.)

Something like this has happened to me at least once already.
Mar 26, 2021 Luxen link
UIT TempKOS is shared between all UIT subfactions.
Mar 26, 2021 incarnate link
Home station is changed at the time when you become Temp KoS, not the time when you die.

You received Temp KoS against TPG and UIT at 4:20pm (central) in Azek D-11 (TPG sector in UIT space) and were homed in a TPG station.
Thus, your home station was changed at that time. There would have been a HUD message about it at the time.

The home station doesn't get set back when the Temp KoS expires, so when you died an hour later, you were sent to your new "home", previously defined at the time of Temp KoS.
Mar 26, 2021 wsad1234 link
Ah, understood. Was busy shooting so I probably missed that. Thanks for explaining.