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Capship Comamnds "Attack"

Apr 19, 2021 Scion_Spy link
It is possible to order you capship to attack itself, in doing so, the capship will proceed to "Backup" as well as try to "look up" causing it to spiral (In my case) forever downwards. (Cease fire does stop the issue)

[/msg '* <capName>' attack '* <capName>']

Expected: An error message indicating the cap ship cannot, or would not, attack itself.

(Simple fix, just check if the target is the capship itself :) ) (For ideas :) )
Apr 19, 2021 Luxen link
suggestion for what it should say: "Did you mean /explode?"
Apr 20, 2021 Scion_Spy link
hahaha, +1
Apr 23, 2021 raybondo link
This should be fixed in the latest update.