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Crit Hive Skirms - Dents bound to center of sector

Apr 20, 2021 Scion_Spy link
Heyo, so I think this is a result of the undent patch to prevent players from luring the undent/unconnie(?) a billion meters out.

Latos C-12 (~13:50 Apr 20th server time) XX had two Dents within the sector, the Hive Queen decided to turbo to the far roids to mine, however the 2 dents only went a part of the way, never truly left the "center" area of the sector.

Overall not an issue, we just bombed the queen flew the few thousand meters back for R/R and repeat, however I doubt the undent patch (If that's what caused this) was intended to affect crits this way.

(Images below: Dents upper left not turboing. Hive Queen is at the rocks on the far right near the targetless UI)

May 07, 2021 Scion_Spy link
I wouldn't say "Necro posting", but this happened again today in Odia F-13 while farming Crits for the Levi.

The Dent would sit near the center of the sector while all the vult's/assaults' duked it out behind, while the queen and ALL the collectors would turbo 11k out to the roid field and mined.
Dent refused to follow. (I guess you could say that it's giving it's fighter support, but you can clearly see it 'trying' to move towards the Queen.)

Once bombed, the Queen would chase for ~5k then return to mining.
Only + i saw in the sector was watching the gun fire of the battle from so far out; looked cool.