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new bot radar limits

May 04, 2021 ScotiaKnight link
so.. i deep spaced at the unknown system wormhole (to latos).. i killed all pursuers and left my ship over 150,000m out in space then logged out with nothing within radar range.

when i logged back in the following day, i immediately got a notification that my capship was under attack. turns out there was a single assault completely frozen in space beside me.. not moving, not firing, nothing, i suppose it must have fired once during my transition into the ship.

i observed it motionless for a minute then fired on it at which point it came back to life, began dodging and firing.. but within seconds of that a second assault appeared within 4000m of me..

It leaves me to wonder how the first one found me so deep in space and how the second one not only knew my location but managed to get from the wormhole to my location in such a short time. (it took my goliath about 20 minutes to cover that distance)

i understand the assaults at the wormhole are kind of special, they can follow you inter-sector etc.. but it seems like there might be a bug there.
May 06, 2021 davejohn link
To add to that I tried a crit in a storm.

Everything just sat there, dent couldn't see the queen , npcs just sat about looking lost . All of them.

I dropped the queen, it couldn't see anything and just sat there .

No fun really.