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Temp Shields

Apr 25, 2003 Celebrim link
What if the capital ship you are flying is a Screening Corvette or a Destroyer Escort and your _job_ is to fight fighters and protect other capital ships from fighters?

I agree that capital ships need to be virtually immune to fighter beam weapons, but the means that I've thought about going about it are entirely different.
Apr 25, 2003 Spellcast link
well then.. thats cool.. at least we're both thinking.

My thoughts on it are.. fighters fromt he carrier 8 k back in the fleet are responsible for the fighters..

besides.. if my ship's job is anti-fighter, then I just drop the shields and let the anti-fighter turrets do their job.. as long as there isn't a cap ship around to play with, I can absorb 60 or 100 thoulsand points of damage from fighter beams if i've got half a million hull points to play with.

all of this is of course hinging on the idea that capital ships are controlled by more than one player. 1 to pilot and coordinate, and several in turret's at various points on the hull of the ship to target opponents. (mouselook would be very useful here)
Apr 25, 2003 Spellcast link
oh, one more idea/point.

In regards to extra batteries.. after reading your post I can see your point.. however the solution isn't neccesarily to have a second engine.. but to limit the engine to 1 battery linked to it. Also if the batteries that fit in a weapons slot were weaker (say a small slot battery that generates 20/sec and a max of 150, and a large slot battery that generates 30/sec and a max of 300)

batteries could fit into a cargo slots based on size.. a small batt takes up 2 slots.. a med takes up 3... heavy/fast charge 4... etc etc)

As for batteries being an advantage.. thats the point, why else would you mount a spare battery except to gain an advantage. hmm I see your point tho. perhaps eliminating the option of mounting a battery in the cargo space and limiting port mounted batteries to something like I describe above would balance out the advantage as well. add a battery.. you loose a weapon.
Apr 25, 2003 drageo link
Wow this post is hot! :)

I simply think a simple quick shield that can stop a killer blast, but you can still get damaged with, would be a quick idea to implement and try out.

Apr 25, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
WHen i said a game engien without sheilds is like eggs without bacon is this:

I didn't mean the game itself, guild software is makeing a gam ENGINE emphasize ENGINE, the more features an engine has, the more appealing to a company it is that might want to use it, if a company wanted sheilds, they might go for a different engine. I'm not talking about the game!

sigh, i really want eggs and bacon...