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Custimizing ships?

Apr 24, 2003 Smartass link
How far is vendetta ganna go with custimizing ships. Is it ganna tunr into an EV type game where you can add hitpoints with items, better radar, ect? I presonal would like this. I have always been a fan of games were you can have the same hull but 2 completly different ships.
Apr 24, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
For those idiots, um i mean pc users.

The progress log for the PC port says they are in the home stretch.
It also appears deimos has finished up for pc users!

I'm glad to see ambrosia expanding there market area!, more profit = more games = more profit = more games (or better games \ updates)
Apr 24, 2003 Pyro link
/me wonders how many people have compared Vendetta to EVN... :P Actually, I'd really love to see the same kind of configurability in EVN put into Vendetta... Want a trade ship? Buy (or jack >:D) a leviathan, or even jack a few more as escorts. Want a fighter? Buy a thunderhead or something (don't get me started on the viper). Want a medium ship? Buy a valkyrie or starbridge. Want a capital ship? Buy a frigate or something. Want a warship? Buy a raven or something (they require REALLY high clearance, and they're insanely expensive). You can take down a warship in a fighter if you have the skills, so it's pretty balanced. I'd also like to see the escort system EVN has. It shouldn't be that hard to do (but what do I know?), now that we have the new AI in place.
Apr 26, 2003 Nemesis link
w00t! I love the EV games, and I am madly in love with its customizing system.

I would like some armor and speed addons for my cargo hauling ship... At the cost of two of my small weapon ports that is.