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AI and Autopilot

Apr 24, 2003 ctishman link
With the new AI system, can we buy an autopilot module that takes us from one sector to another, and rings an alarm when a hostile fires, or we reach our destination?
Apr 24, 2003 Pyro link
That would be great for trading... Set the autopilot, kick back, and read a book for a few minutes. It would be nice if it were able to use boost well, also... Like along the level of the 250 bounty AIs...
Apr 24, 2003 ctishman link
A1k0n can make the bots line up and spell letters in space. He can make it take you from one station to another.
Apr 24, 2003 Pyro link
I wanna see the bots spell something... Ooo! Or maybe make the Vendetta logo! :P
Apr 24, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
When they post on slashdot (shudder) or something, they could have the bots line up in each home sector near the wormhole and say "Welcome to vendetta 3.2.x" and then after a couple seconds they explode, rinse and repeat every minute.
Apr 24, 2003 Pyro link
Imagine the framerate drops... Whee...
Apr 25, 2003 Renegade ++RIP++ link
wouldn't that be a good idea for part of the E3 trip :D

letting them fly in formations like the V, the 5, O or some other and then letting them attack in it on another botformation, that would be os so nice "to avoid the word cool :D"

Apr 25, 2003 HumpyThePenguin link
/me will take bets on the 5 :D
Apr 25, 2003 a1k0n link
Hell, why not just make the Vendetta client play the game for you?
Apr 25, 2003 Celebrim link
Heck, why not just play Earth & Beyond if you want the software to play the game for you.

"Push the 'a' button to proceed, human, you are holding up my game!"

Apr 25, 2003 Renegade ++RIP++ link
Ok , now I feel offended

I was just helping you guys with Ideas for the E3 expo.

It isn't for me, it was just to let the softwarehotshots see that it would be a good idea for investing in your small "but extraordinary" company. That you have something more to offer then all those other MMORPG's out there :D

So not as part of the autopilot, but as part of the enemie AI, to let people see what you are able to let the opponents in the game do. in stead of letting spell some boring Dev's name :D, or you could let them spell the dev's name in that formation :D.

Me already sees 20 bots shaped in a big 5 flying in formation and spelling alkons name :D


Apr 25, 2003 ctishman link
Ooh, and can we have it be turn-based?