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Central hostile fight sector & Flag boost..

Apr 25, 2003 drageo link
An idea came about:

A central sector that is massive for fighting (more adv players), when you enter the sector you become a hostile character, you can even fight your own nation. Only certain ships could be allowed in or something.

No trading ships would be allowed in.

The advantage of this zone would be, you can access any sector in the galaxy.. but it would be very dangerous with missiles flying about etc.

Second thought:
When "capping" the flag, it is too defensless, perhaps add a 10second boost every two minutes or some such.

Apr 25, 2003 roguelazer link
Sounds very similar to the days of pre-3.0... We don't want this to turn into "Please select a zone to continue: Deathmatch, CTF, Trading".
Apr 25, 2003 chewy link
the other problem is there are a lot of people who fight in trade ships.