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Another "fix the avalon" thread.

Apr 26, 2003 Urza link
After playing tag with red, i noticed a few more facts about the avalon which i would like to see fixed, making it a fair weapon.

First: If is possible to boost it along up to a point to make it go faster by speeding up before firing. This is bad. It's supposed to be SLOW. make it so it can go NO FASTER than 35m/s. this would make it fair(er) because the ship wouldn't be able to send it at you at ~100m/s

Give it a 5 second safty fuse: This way it wont be kamikazable. 2 secs is WAY too short.

Make it blow up if ANYTHING comes within it's prox range. It's nto a smart bomb. it should blow up if it's launching ship is within it's prox range after those 5 secs. Same with roids. This way it can be safely detenated on a roid if it comes too close. it shouldn't wait untill an enemy ship comes in range. if something is in detination range, it should go off.

Short version:
35m/s MAX
5 sec "safty fuse"
detination if ANYTHING comes in it's prox range
Apr 26, 2003 Celebrim link
All rockets are boosted by your own speed. I happen to like that, and don't see any reason why the Avalon should be any different. I get in mind the idea of 'dive bombers' or 'torpedo runs' with the bomber boosting in a straight line for a relatively lengthy period to insure the 'best shot' at the target. One of the reasons that homing missiles are so tricky to use is that they are not boosted by your speed. It's a good trade off.

If the Avalon was not boosted by your speed it would appear to move straight backwards behind you when you fired it. New players would definately complain about that. In fact, many new players already complain about the fact that if you fire as you start boosting you generally overtake your rocket making the rocket appear 'slow'.

Two seconds was meant to be conservative. I prefer not to advocate really large changes in game play until something more conservative is tried first.
Apr 26, 2003 Eldrad link
5 seconds would nerf the nuke against anything but capital ships, which aren't in the game at the moment. Look at my proposal in the previous post. It would make it so that only extremely skillful and lucky suicides would work. 2 seconds in a fight is an extremely long time.
Note: I don't use nukes at all I'm always in a valk, but if the nuke and other rockets are taken down I won't die at all and the game will be boring.
Apr 27, 2003 Cmdr. Freeman link
You want nukes to go off ASAP...otherwise Prometheus drivers will learn how to still drop them and instead be at 100%, not 60% (I already have thought of maneuvers that would be just as effective)...and I'm sure you'd see that as bad, especially if I was also toting an adv. gatling turret.

The 35 m/sec max idea doesn't jive well with Physics Mode...but it's not hard to adapt to that as well - the nuke just becomes a bomb.

Trust me...I and most of the other Reds would be just as deadly, if not more deadly if we knew we would easily clear self-placed nukes.
Apr 27, 2003 Urza link
for some reason i think you'd be less deadly. maybe because the only time i get killed by you is with kami nukes
Apr 27, 2003 Eldrad link
The advantages of a highly maneuverable fighter are best in under 50m fights. You would have to actually aim at the fighter which if you don't catch them by surprise is hard. If you pull it off good for you. You get the kill without doing as much damage to yourself.
To get an idea of whether it would be easy or not use some contact rockets for a little bit against a good fighter piloit. If you hit them they you might be able to do the same with the much slower avalons, but most prom piloits won't be able to.