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Apr 27, 2003 Nihm link
Okay, the thing can withstand 3 torpedoes before dieng... I shot it with an adv.Gatling for like 20 seconds and it didn't die then it just turned around and nuked me because I barely scratched it...

These things need to be lowered in armor to AT LEAST 23-24k, 28k health is just TOO much for a non-capital ship.

Now watch the red's complain cause they like their un-fair advantage, Well Boo hoo all u want.

I realize there was another post of this, but I'm just doing another in the right place.
Apr 27, 2003 Cmdr. Freeman link
The devs know people are concerned and will deal with it in the manner they deem fit...all this stuff now is just whining. So just shaddup. I'll live with whatever they do, but I'm tired of the whining.
Apr 27, 2003 Celebrim link
Good grief.

I'm getting really sick of the 'Prom' unbalanced threads.

What are we going to nerf next, the Tachyon?

Last week the Prom was too weak. This week its too powerful. Please.
Apr 27, 2003 Cmdr. Freeman link
I'm beginning to think some people would only finally be happy with everyone driving free buses.
Apr 27, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
Cmdr, an all powerful ship is not fair. Being able to attack it for 20 seconds then it being able to do a kamikaze attack and still live is not fair. Everyone was complaining about the valk cause it had too much hp, everyone was complaining about the rail gun because it took too little power, now the rail gun is nerfed, one of the best weapons to kill the brick with.
Apr 27, 2003 roguelazer link
Well, here's the new ship setup everyone...

Ship: EC-88
Weapon: Government-Issue Blasters
Engine: Free Engine
Battery: Free Battery

Get real! The point of each nation being different was so that each could have an ADVANTAGE or two!!! The golds' advantage, I'll admit, is under-stated. They should have about 30 cargo space and a better trade route. But otherwise, it is balanced. The promy is supposed to have high health. You all want to nerf it all and take it back to 3.1.x, with each nation being EXACTLY the same as the others. Well, times have changed. Things aren't the same anymore. So either get with it or be left in the dust.

Sorry for the flame, but I'm tired of everyone trying desperately to return to the status quo. It'd make a good essay for Psycology, though...
Apr 27, 2003 Eldrad link
Gold has an 121k route with little risk of being succesfully pirated.
Blue has a 76k route with a high risk of being succesfully pirated, or a Safe 30k rouute.
Gold isn't that bad off.

My opinion is the prom is good the way it is.
Apr 27, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
Idea, to make it balanced out very well is to do this.
Sector 1 will make the current Valkyrie, for more money and slightly better.
Sector 4 will make the current Valkyrie, for less money and slightly worse.
Sector 2 will make the current Prometheus, for more money and slightly better.
Sector 12 will make the current Prometheus, for less money, and slightly worse.
Sector 3 will make the current Marauder, for more money, and slightly better.
Sector 6 will make the current Marauder, for less money, and slightly worse.

Better: 13k health 4 (s) slots
Worse: 10k health, less manuverability. (more then the hornet but less then the current) 3 (s) slots

Better: Current, 2 (L) slots
Worse: Less manuverable, 20k health

Better: 25 cargo, 18k health, 1 (L) slot
Worse: 15 cargo, 16k health, 2 (s) slots

If you manage to destroy every single one of the bots guarding the station, you get a little treat, the station's lights will dim to gray and you can dock safely, for 1 minute, after 1 minute your home station is set to your nations home sector (once you undock) and you can't dock anymore. But you can buy there ship, for 10% more then they could.

This would make getting the best cargo\bomber\fighter very hard to get but a lesser version slightly easier to get. It would also make guarding your home sector more valuable.

Flag guards do not count as the ships do destroy trying to be able to dock.

Rogue, you messed up.
Ship: Prometheus
Weapon: Natta! (ramming power!!!)
Engine: Free engine
Battery: Free Battery
Apr 27, 2003 Pyro link
Nah, it's:
Ship: EC-88
Weapon: Sunflares
Engine: Free engine
Battery: Free battery
Apr 27, 2003 SirCamps link
Sorry but whoever talked about shooting a prom for 20 seconds lied. the adv. gatling turret does......

400 dmg / .1 sec * 1 sec = 4,000 DPS (damage per second)

4000 DPS * 20 seconds = 80,000 damage. Enough to take down nearly 3 Proms. Assume half your shots land. 80,000 / 2 = 40,000. Enough to well kill a prom. Can we say, fuzzy math?
Apr 27, 2003 Nihm link
I'm sure you didn't hear me correctly, as I said "I realize there was another post of this, but I'm just doing another in the right place. "

I was just posting it where it should be... And I simply added my oppinion on it.... jeez....
Apr 27, 2003 Cmdr. Freeman link
The whining is getting annoying. Just let the devs do their thing.
Apr 28, 2003 SirCamps link
And I was just doing the math.... You only need to keep the gatling on a prom for about 7 seconds, say, 10 for misses, and it'll blow.
Apr 29, 2003 slappyknappy link
If the prom is too tough to kill quickly, adjust your tactics. Do attasck runs to hit it and get away fast. Get clear, turn, and attack again. Or fight in formation with other players.

Think of the prom as a baby step towards a capital ship. But right now, if we had a capital ship everyone would whine "this thing is just too f***ing tough - you can't take it down even with a full load of nukes! There's no way you can beat it!"

If we can't learn to adjust our tactics on this smaller scale, we don't stand a chance of adjusting to larger-class ships.
Apr 29, 2003 Whistler link
I have to chime in again on that point. After several days of dealing with Promys, a few good pilots have adapted their tactics and used their Valks (and in one case, a Hornet) to do some serious damage to my beloved slug. The Promy is one tough mother, but hardly invincible. Pilots that stay far enough away from my rockets and confuse my turret are tough to cope with.
Apr 29, 2003 Cmdr. Freeman link
The new bots sure can give a Promy a run when they gang up in groups of 3 or more.