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Messaging features

Apr 28, 2003 Usafunrunner link
Where do I go to find a list of how to do things such as send money through the game?

I have figured out a few such as /toggleframerate, /ping, /menu, and /givemoney "G4Bobo" 1000000, but haven't found a list of all possible commands. As a new player, where do I find it?
Apr 28, 2003 Nemesis link
/me Message
(Instead of "<Nemesis> eats a cake" the chat message will say "Nemesis eats a cake" and stuff, indicates that you are doing something.)

(Get in a bus and try it sometime, very funny)

/msg "person" Message
(Messages one person, noone else will hear it)
Apr 28, 2003 roguelazer link