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Protection for Newbies

Apr 28, 2003 Biscuits link
Aruza had an idea involving NEGATIVE bounty.
I thought of the additional possibility of giving Newbies negative bounty to start off with - so that anybody killing them would be worse off!!!

You would have to expand it a bit I think to work in game - but hey, I am an ideas man not a fixit man (well sometimes I am!).

Apr 28, 2003 Nihm link
That also makes the n00b look bad. I for one would not want an negative bounty... But I guess it would help somewhat...
Apr 28, 2003 Arolte link
Excellent idea! But how is "newbie" status determined from "experienced" status? Maybe anyone who gets in a bus will automatically have a bounty of zero, and all cargo is erased when the bus is destroyed. That way pirates don't get anything out of killing buses, and neither will the owner of the bus. It's a win-win situation!
Apr 28, 2003 Sorrow link
Easy. Say you bountry get reduced by 10 points everytime you is player killed. That means that killing people again, and again will in the end cost the one killing them.
Apr 28, 2003 Celebrim link
Given the number of negative money bugs we've had, it may be that handling negative numbers may be the biggest obstacle to implementing any sort of indebtedness system in either funds or bounty.
Apr 28, 2003 Sorrow link
Hehe. A economics system without negativ numbers. A true etopia that is..:)
Apr 28, 2003 Whistler link
Are we having that much of a problem with noob protection these days? The red noobs seem to be able to bot unmolested in 12 at the times I've been on.
Apr 28, 2003 Sorrow link
This thread was just started after a rather long basecamp in sector 4.
Apr 28, 2003 Arolte link
Whistler, you and your teammates have the benefit of avoiding Icarus's n00b killing tactics and exploits.
Apr 28, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
Yah, em reds get em red protection from reds.
Apr 28, 2003 Chameleon link
Perhaps instead of negative bounty they could add a second counter for 'Virtue' or some other positive adjective?
Apr 28, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
How bout the more your liked, the higher the trade stuff sells for and lower it is bought for (obivously not enough to make buying and selling in the same station profitable)
And the more you are a hated, the less stuff sells for and the higher it buys for.
Apr 28, 2003 Chameleon link
SL: That's a possibility, but, as you suggest, it would have to be a very modest change.

One other option is when (if?) the game has quests, players can be presented different types of opportunities or 'missions' depending on their character. i.e. a person with a high bounty could be presented criminal-type missions and opportunities, while persons of high valor could be offered peaceful missions and opportunities.

I think that would be really cool!
Apr 28, 2003 HumpyThePenguin link
Icyrus would need to spend 1mil creds to buy a serco electronics widget :P