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Capital Ship and other ideas

Apr 28, 2003 Phoenix155 link
Apologies if these have already been thought of and posted...

-For Capital ships, because of the fact that they obviously can't dock IN station bays, instead have docking clamps and protruding airlocks from the station (for added realism). Allow AI control of certain subsystems, maybe repair facilities, engineering, targetting computers for when you don't have enough people to man guns, etc?

-Have a "buy maximum amount that I can hold and put that cargo directly into my ship" less words ;-)

-Large Shipyards as the only place capital ships can be bought

-Player-built, funded, and owned bases for individual guilds?

-Allow players to mine asteroids and transport that material to stations for them to sell, maybe for a salary?


Your thought are always appreciated.

Apr 28, 2003 Celebrim link
a) Our you could have massive (but rare) 'space docks', as you yourself mention. Actually, I tend to think of Capital ships as mobile stations. Forget about docking. While you are online you have to defend yourself.

I for one would greatly appreciate computer control of any guns on a capital ship, but would tend to want to monitor the rest of it myself.

But we are really getting ahead of ourselves I'm afraid.

b) It's been asked for before, but apparantly the code for that just sounds simple instead of actually being simple.

c) See my comments about a.

d) I think the devs have mentioned something like that, but it would probably take the resources of literally thousands of players (and moderator approval) to buy just one station. Factional control of existing stations is something I'd like to see though and should be less problimatic than creating new stations.

e) Mining is one of the oldest feature requests in the books. I happen to know that the devs have discussed it and from what I can tell it will be in the final game, but only the devs really know. There are some interesting threads on mining implementation in the archives you might want to look for.

f) It's a problem of scale. Planets are 1,000,000's of meters in diameter. That has all sorts of issues as I understand it (inc once explained it all to me but I'm afraid I've lost that information in my memory).
Apr 29, 2003 Arolte link
I actually asked whether capital ships and frigates will have their own dockable station, and the devs have confirmed that they will eventually be able to. I also asked whether there would be entire city stations (imagine an entire sector with roids containing stations and buildings protrudinng from the sides etc.), and again this was confirmed by the devs. Nation home sectors will be one example in which an entire city station may reside. I drool at just the thought of it... mmmmmmhh!
Apr 29, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
Fly in s2, bomb the city, fly out, have everyone angry at me. ahhhhhhhh
Apr 29, 2003 asphyxia link
then eat a pie =)