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Sep 08, 2008 ryan reign link
so I searched and found nothing, I'm actually shocked it hasnt come up...privateering, government or in uITs case gov/corp regulated pirating.

so I propose a mission that is just that. you would have to have positive standing with the faction giving you the mission and attack X amount of trade ships/convoys of the opposing nation. it would be cool as a group mission too a few fighters to attack the voy as well as 1 or 2 moths to collect the loot.

it would also encourage grouping and team work so...

(and before anyone says join PCC and make the mission...I dont program and the mission editor is currently something im trying to learn)
Sep 08, 2008 Surbius link
There is a Valent mission that wants you to kill 5 Axia ships, so that could count toward gov/faction backed pirating.
Sep 08, 2008 ryan reign link
thats a great start...and i think it is covered in the back story
Sep 08, 2008 incarnate link
We're moving towards this. Part of the intent is that with a dynamic war system, the various minor corporations will go to "war" with one another periodically (not always the same conflicts, new ones cropping up and so on), and this will play out in Grayspace beyond the reach of the UIT Senate/TPG. During the periods of these "wars", you'll be able to purchase letters of marque from one faction to attack vessels belonging to another. Of course, the factional impact of these actions will persist after the war comes to a close. Anyway, that's the broad strokes.
Sep 08, 2008 LeberMac link
OMG that sounds awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.
Sep 08, 2008 ryan reign link
ARRR...AVAST!!!! sign me up me hearties, DEATH TO INEUBIS DOGS!!!
Sep 09, 2008 Azumi link
CLM, the Corsairs guild!

If you wanna do pirating it is really not that hard. We make groups all the time and ehm, "liberate" their cargoes.

We are only waiting for the grey letter of marque.