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Badges Badges Badges Badges Mushroom Mushroom!

Dec 27, 2013 UncleDave link
Mushroom I- Have 6 badges
Mushroom II- Have 12 badges
Snake- Have Mushroom II
Jan 04, 2014 Faceof link
Plus to May 24, 2009 Surbius post, i have to suggest also :

Every manufacture mission to give manufacture xp points like Improved Mineral Scanners = 100 pts , Stygian Furies for each Furies 500 = 1500 pts or Widowsmaker = 2000 pts ...ect...

Manufacturer I : 10.000 pts ... for example , 1x Stygian Furies mission + 4x Widowsmaker missions+ 5xImproved Mineral Scanners= 10000pts.....

Manufacturer II : 50.000 pts .....

Manufacturer III : 100.000 pts .....

Manufacturer IV : 150.000 pts .....

Now ...for Tridents Missions need devs to decide if use points system for every Manufacture mission or only when the Trident completes with last mission ....AND also for the players who have already a Trident ....

Master Builder I : ?

Master Builder II : ?

Master Builder III : ?

Master Builder IV : ?

Also all this Badges can be useful later for Manufacturable stations .....

Nov 12, 2016 Dilan Rona link
We have badges for almost every aspect of the game. Be it mining (and some ores have their own badge), combat, hive bot/Queen/Levi badges, Trade, etc.

What I noticed is there is no badges to the amount of ships repaired sucessfully. Would that be a badge worth adding? And then link the MK2 Repair gun to that badge instead of the Mentor 3 badge only.

Just my two penny idea for badges.

Aug 25, 2017 Drevent1 link
I was quite disappointed when I didn't get a badge for 1000 queen kills and it should unlock some kind of mega weapon :(
Aug 02, 2019 Drevent1 link
I was even more disappointed not to get a badge for 2000 Queen kills : (
Nov 01, 2019 We all float link
Outlaw I - Kill 50 strike force
Outlaw II -Kill 500 Strike Force
Outlaw III -Kill 2,000 Strike Force
Galactic Outlaw - Kill 10,000 Strike Force

(Strike Force, not station guards).